Item Suggestions Megathread


Transformers/exclusive toys!


Cosmic catsacks should contain… other unopenable cosmic catsacks, except they wear different sets of accessories like swimming gear, winter clothes, sleepwear, a halloween costume, etc. So you can show off that you have a cosmic catsack while making it more fun to display, would even be nice for those brave enough to want to collect each and every cosmic catsack available. Course you should be able to sell it for a very high price in case you for example, get a duplicate, or just don’t like cosmic catsacks for some reason. Unless there are already plans on what to put in cosmic catsacks I personally think this would be neat!


Random thought but they don’t have to be unopenable cosmic catsacks, they could also be little collectible cosmic cat figurines with different outfits on, or whatever else you think would fit better. The main point was something collectible and cosmic that you can put in your condo would be neat.


Not commenting on the collectible idea here but just letting you know that you will be allowed to pick which prize you get out of cosmics. They’re meant to contain extremely rare prizes that aren’t available in stores (I think the only confirmed item so far is the Wowozela).


Dude! I thought of this last night! Good job at beating me to the punch! :grinning:


Speaking of punch, we should have Punch Drinks.


I had i sumular thought but it could change shape


This but implemented in another way, basically guns that can only be placed in the condo (by the host) and can be picked up and used, i want to make some sort of custom condo gamemode from this somehow


an appearence vanity neck item that would be a camera around the neck


To add to the earlier suggestion of the Canvas Catsack, the catsack should have the option to turn on or off the default face/ears/belly, for example if you want to texture on a new face or whatever. There should also be the option to tile the texture similarly to the way the cosmic catsack’s texture works for those that, yknow want it. To make a bootleg cosmic catsack I guess haha. I’m sure it’d have other uses besides that though :stuck_out_tongue:.


matryoshka catsack
contains a random catsack inside
based off those creepy russian dolls


buys 10 matryoshka catsacks
gets 7 cosmic catsacks and 3 golden catsacks


the odds of getting different catsacks don’t have to be equal
also i never specified the cost or anything
just an idea


Perhaps for the Halloween update we could get a Jetpack reskin that looks like a pair of wings? Maybe even multiple styles, for angel wings and demon wings.

Anything to get away from the KSSSSSHHHHHHHH of the jetpack, lmao


OMG i hate the jetpack sound!


It’s way better than the harsh alpha jetpack, but I still think it needs work


these should be options for pool shapes




issa joke
sorry if you thought i was serious, thought it was obvious enough