Item Suggestions Megathread


Military/heavy duty items, like crates, pelican cases and heavy duty shelves

Speaking of heavy duty items, maybe one of those red garage workstations, some tools and of course the toolbox


Maybe some air plants and those hanging pots.

Letter blocks that you can line up together to create names or phrases.

Neon or glow in the dark letter blocks.

Stained glass with different patterns like honeycomb or bubbles.

A liquor shelf or rack to put behind a bar.

Fairy-lights you can string up on items around your condo.

A tiny customizable zen garden.

A kettle to make tea.

Weapon stands.

Spice rack.

Windchimes 'cause they’re majestic beings.


White board item? A white board you could place in your condo that you could draw on and let others draw on it.


Provided it has some way of parental control to avoid drawing Phallical items.


considering a white board would basically be a canvas that’s easier to customize/draw on, i imagine it would just file under the “Canvas” parental controls


Not sure if this has been suggested before, but maybe a photo frame (canvas-capable) item would be nice for a more homey feel.


the canvas can already be framed (not for murder), unless you are talking about smaller ones and/or colorable frames


a photo frame like one of those ones with a pop up stand that you’d put on a desk or something. (is what i assume they mean)


a photo frame like one of those ones with a pop up stand that you’d put on a desk or something.

This yep


have you tried resizing a canvas to its smallest size and using a 2nd png canvas to make the pop up stand? that should work for now


I dont think I have seen this in the thread.
But there is something about FightStick/hitbox/MixBox that just scream sexy to me.
Picture for reference:




Custom neon sign would be sweet too.

Something similar to the canvas menu,

But instead of having a type in url,
we could simply type something, choose the font we want and voila custom neon sign.


I don’t think it have been submitted before.
But here is two different ideas that kinda connect together.

So the first one is something similar to this:

But in non-vr.
And since I was thinking about this, I thought How cool could it be, to have a table of some sort (area of work)

Where you could 3d model stuff by simply having a chunk of material and with a set of tool be able to carve it.So then you can place it anywhere in your condo.

Let me know what you guys/girls think.


Drum parts


I’d like to see a text-based sign. Kind of like the notebook, but with a nicer finish, and more text available on the model. Right now I’m making pngs for canvases, which works at high res, but is going to take a while to load if I have too many. I just want to be able to label things in my museum, with a little descriptive blurb.

Pyramid Canvas



#867 How about a podium?


I know this gonna get buried but we N E E D Tapered cylenders.

would make building a whole lot easier, and the lack of these makes building replica impossible


These would have all the values of a normal cylinder, but the option to change the top and bottom diameter seperately


Pride month may be ending soon but that doesn’t stop me from suggesting pride themed catsacks! In order the flags represent lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, and asexual identities. I know the edits are bad and I highly doubt something this obvious of a representation will make it in the game but I just wanted to make these for fun, I hope the devs at least consider it maybe as exclusives for next pride month. :smiley: