Item Suggestions Megathread


This is a great idea!, if it happens, let’s just hope ‘‘some’’ people don’t get furious about it!

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probably a microwave or a lava lamp



Not sure about microwaves, but lava lamps are already in the game.



yes, both are in catsacks. they’re normal items lol






why so opposed to it?

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This thread is an example of why I cannot see these items being added.

For the same reason as was discussed in that thread, I believe that adding items that may spring up controversy in any magnitude would be detrimental to the game’s success. In that example, despite it being only a wig, it would imply an affiliation that PTG may not necessarily want to associate with, and that players may not want to see. This example with the catsack reskins is no different.

As I like to say, there’s a time and a place for everything.



Good idea for themed catsacks! less good for the political content… I don’t want to play a game that’s full of political stuff, and we all know adding this will cause a lot of divide between players. Christmas catsacks, Easter or whatever would be good but something so political would be a bad bad thing.

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I believe LGBT+ representation is far less controversial than say, the most controversial president to ever come to office. And hey if someone is angry about representation in the game they probably aren’t the kind of audience the devs want to attract anyway. The devs have already stated that LGBT+ representation would be a thing via npc dialogue, and I have even mentioned this to mac and he said himself that he would have considered pride items if not it being so late in the month. I understand your opinion completely though don’t get me wrong, there always will be at least some controversy involved with LGBT+ related stuff, if you insist I feel canvas catsacks could always be a good alternative.



Regardless I appreciate the 5 likes yall! Hopefully the devs consider either pride catsacks or canvas catsacks in the future! I don’t want this thread to turn into a long thread about the controversy that pride items might spring up so I suggest yall think about it before making another post about it.



You’re over a year late to the party on that one.



Haven’t noticed this, was this in the discord or something?

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Kingburtis, I like your idea, I do want to see something like canvas catsacks like this

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Yeah can I get a quote on that if possible? Seems a bit fucked that they’re against reflecting politics in Tower Unite, only to then do just that down the line. I can respect neutrality, but not being two-faced.

EDIT: Imo the devs should stick to their previous stance and keep politics out of the game completely to uphold a consistent standard focused around the game being a game without affiliation that is fun for everyone. There are plenty of places online that celebrate LGBT pride especially in the past month, I don’t see a reason why Tower Unite also needs to specifically tailor towards it.

People have canvases and will one day have model importation, if someone like @kingburtis wants to celebrate that in game, they can do so with canvases and their own condo. The means to celebrate anything are already present in Tower Unite with more creative options on the near horizon, it’s not necessary in my mind to have the base game slip in lines of dialogue or items about gay pride. Catsacks are condo based anyway right? You could make everyone happy by making a catsack canvas and let players take responsibility for what is displayed on the sack. That could include an LGBT flag without needing to be part of the base games content.



That’s enough for now. Everyone’s got their stance on it, let’s just move on.



It’s obviously because I don’t like political comments in-game. Imagine playing a kids/teenagers game with trump advertisings or talking about how important is to believe in god.



Please keep this thread on topic. These are item suggestions, not debates.



How about some soft drinks from the vending machine? We got soda can so why not soft drinks bottles?



Teleporters! Either buttons that would teleport, doors that when opened would teleport and even teleport triggers that when touched would teleport you. Would have settings as to which teleporter it would bring you to and whether or not it’s in one way. Owning a condo that needs to teleport people to it is annoying to run and having these would help substantialy.

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This has already been suggested and confirmed by the devs :smiley:

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