Item Suggestions Megathread


I know a lot of people are upset about the lack of content and the surplus of tools, but there needs to be one more. A movement tool. I find that item placing and such is too finicky as is, so it’d be nice if there was a tool where you could use arrow keys and such to get that exact positioning. I’ve had several occasions where I had to use another object with a unique shape so i could place the other thing onto it, just for the positioning.


The current plan includes adding a Gizmo tool later, which would allow for easier adjustments to items regarding positioning, rotation, and size. To quote Caboose (who shows a good example):


3D canvas, you insert 2 images

Texture 1 would be the texture for the canvas

Texture 2 would be a black and white image that tells which part of the canvas “pops out”

Its pretty hard to explain what im trying to sugest without an image to explain what i mean


You mean a displacement map?

Adding on to this, it would be great if we could apply a normal map and a bump map as well.


Yep just like that, i think its a really good idea as it would make making 3d objects out of wierd shapes much more easier
For example:

  • a bag of potato chips
  • a pelican case
  • a phone
  • an akm (aka ak-47 for non gun experts (also no pun intended)

Also i have alot of other good ideas, so much i cant remember them all without writing them (im gonna write them sometime)


What you are referring to is called parallax mapping. In Unreal Engine 4 it’s referred to as a bump offset effect.


I would like to see more food based items that can be eaten like a Subway Sandwich. Call the subway based sandwiches a TU inspired name, for example: Walkers were Chumps. Maybe give the Subway brand a name like SubSub?


Another idea I’d like to add:

Chocolate Catsack Bars
They’re chocolate biscuits shaped like Catsacks, Possible idea: When you open a Catsack bar, you can get something inside, like when the cauldron speaks to you. For example: I eat a catsack bar: message comes up saying: “You feel the taste of chocolate and cream, but there’s no ticket inside…”
The bar comes in different flavors, this one was Chocolate and Cream.
The whole thing about the ticket is if you get a ticket, you will receive a rare item that appears only in catsacks!


Chocolate Catsack Bars
unit amount that is out of this world


Leaf pile.

It’s like the pile of snow, but leaves.

  • a door that can be only opened from one side
  • a door that should use password to open


a speed up item for condo. it takes too much time to walk through a large condo , even use v when I’m the condo owner.
maybe that item can only used by condo owner, or maybe everyone can use it.
under certain condition I want to build something at the cornor of the map.
and I even can’t catch my ball, even use v + shift to fly ;w;
I saw someone use backer speed shoes to run very fast in condos , I alse want one item like that in my condo.


can we get some animals in our condos? like birds,wolf,tiger…


so we can make a swimming pool or a lake in our condos?


Ok im gonna talk about your posts first

1.please edit your replies instead of writing multiple ones
2.i see some grammar errors, fix it please

Okay now about your item sugestions

1.i think having the backer speed shoes as an item for everyone would make it less special so maybe a faster jetpack should do
2.we already have cats, dogs, catsacks and a upcoming dogbag, maybe later but not now
3.unless the water is like a preset shape that you can resize, actual flowing water would be VERY HARD to make, if you are talking about ndivia physx well then amd users are not gonna be happy, not only that its way too impractical and otherwise pretty useless


For the water thing, I remember them saying on stream that there will be water-based items for fishing purposes. I don’t remember if they confirmed it or if it was just in response to a question, but it definitely serves a purpose.

  1. Mac already stated there will be a reskin of the speed shoes, probably minus the special particle effects it produces.

  2. Mac already stated there would be pets that you could leave in your condo, however this is super low priority.

  3. As said already, there has been mentions of wated-based items that can be used for fishing. But a straight up block of water would be nice for whenever the ‘building mode’ is made.


Alright thats nice, i was just replying to what @GhostTiger said


How about something medieval for our condos and as accesories or clothing? Such as thrones, swords, armor, etc.


That would be great for Little Crusaders items.