Item Suggestions Megathread


…i suggested for upgrade store aswell.


Upgrade store is in the works.

Although I would like to see a Totem Pole item


Coffee brewer.
There is a pot but nothing to put it in which honestly makes no sense
also if you can brew coffee it could give you a small speed boost and increase fov or something


School desks: I just thought I’d mention this since I couldn’t find anything similar to it when searching for desks or chairs. It would be great as a prop and would be great for re-colouring


A cardboard box that you can sneak in through out the plaza, while a snake guards you.
Familiar, isn’t it?


> Better tier computer crap for gaming rigs.
>Toys/Models of game mode stuff or stores that could be placed on shelves.
>Glass and wood cases for a singular item.
>Tip Jar (I understand this is very similar to something already suggested, but it would be another variation of the item’s purpose.)
>Long sword to mount on walls
>Possible badges or items that could be worn or displayed as rewards for minigames etc???
>Log seat? (Bench carved into log or plain log)
>Dunno if this is in the game but golden utensils?

If any of these ideas are good, please feel free to tell me. I wouldn’t know.


The Upgrades store will sell props from each game mode.

You can earn special items by completing some achievements when they come out.


Thank you, good sir, I am blinder than a 70-year-old woman. Sorry about that.


Sand and dirt piles. Similar to the snow piles from the winter update, but not snow.


Tunnel/Door that removes collisions and textures inside it. Probably needs to be scaleable like cubes and such to help fit through different thicknesses and spaces.

Back when I made maps for Battle Front II(original), the best items were the ones made to clip through terrain without you having to sculpt or clip open the ground. So you could drop a tunnel into the side of a mountain and walk right through it under the map.

I havent done any map modding since those days so idk how common of a tool this is in modern engines. But it feels like it would be a damn neat item for condo building. Place a door literally anywhere in the condo regardless of where walls are in the way. A lot of people like to build outside their condo’s limits by clipping through the ceilings so this would just add a more legitimate way to ‘break the game’.


i have noticed there is a dangerous shortage of money-related clothing items. we must address this immediately. have this mockup image of what these items could look like

these items include…

  • money hat
  • money glasses forgot to draw in the first pic
  • money melon
  • money shirt
  • money particles

have this image too for any puny mortals that don’t understand what’s what


Don’t know if someone suggested this but maybe add more secrets to the plaza that can only be accessed through certain actions like shrinking into a small passage way or having a certain amount of players in one spot. Or just normal secrets like spooky hallways under the tower and caves under the island that lead to cool scripted events.


Happy birthday to you!
Fresh, Light (Candles)
Order items on the Tower Express without needing the extra hassle of Alt+Tab!
Central Circuit
Yellow Apple
What a great apple!
UFO Model
Keep away from your pets.
Rob’s Imports, Colorable
Small House Model
A house model, 100% less scary!
Rob’s Imports, Colorable


Scale it up and then sail it up on the flying inflatable boat.


Canvases that allow you to upload images directly from your computer? Ive even tried downloading the images and hosting them online myself and they still dont show up.




I’m pretty sure only pngs and jpgs work for canvases. I can usually get a jpg from a google search and have it work on canvases.


A foundation tool. It would allow you to build large, flat foundations that are perfectly level. Also would be cool if you could make them canvas or default textures.


It would be cool to be able to equip glasses of wine/margarita you just bought at Project 12 or Volt and drink it while holding in your hand without placing in the world first. You can also allow people to place them on the territory of Project 12 and Volt (when Volt will be finished), and make them disappear with a delay after owner leaves the club.


Use photos from your computer’s hard drive on canvases. Also be able to select flowers to put in the vases.