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I know there’s a security camera already in game, but what I’m proposing is something of actual functionality.

The item itself comes in 2 variants. A camcorder on a tripod, or a camcorder that a player can hold and use. (It could be the same item - placing it in your hotbar makes it usable as a hotbar item, or placing it in your condo places it on a tripod automatically)

Both have pretty much the same features/functionality, but the key difference is one is portable and the other is stationary/hands-free.

When you ‘use’ the camera, you are presented with a UI that allows you to adjust the camera. You are given a preview of what the camera ‘sees’ so that you can align it properly etc.
It has various options, such as sound on/off, video on/off (this way you can record either JUST video or JUST sound, or both together), zoom, slow motion (so, it records at higher FPS so that you can play it back at 30/60 fps and it’ll be slower), night vision, plus a bunch of different filters.

There is also an output option, where you can browse to a folder (could be monolithic so you can only choose one specific folder under your TU installation, or maybe My Documents or something). Then, when you record, it saves the video to that folder, so that you can access it, upload it to YT, share it, etc. Basically just an MP4 file for you to do as you wish with it.

Some might ask ‘then why not use a screen capture program like OBS?’
That’s because using OBS or other screen cap software requires you, the player, to stay stationary and hide your UI (is that even an option?) to grab a recording of whatever you’re looking at.
This obviously isn’t viable if, say, I’m doing something in my Art Studio and want it to be recorded, because I can’t be on the drums and be recording myself on the drums at the same time. (Well, I could, but I would be limited in what camera angles I can capture from)

So, having a stationary camera that I can move and adjust would serve this purpose.

Lastly, the stationary/tripod camera should have an option to stream to any TV/media player in my condo. (As well as the security camera).
This could be done by using any TV/media player in my condo, and selecting an option that lists all cameras in my condo, selecting one, and the TV will show whatever that camera sees.
This would be great for not only letting people set up security cams in the condo, but also for those who want to see a visual feedback of their self-recordings in their art studio or whatnot.

Media Players to support GIFs and static images

Seems like a bit of an oversight to let media players (TVs, etc) handle YT, SC and Twitch inputs, but not GIFs or static images (png, jpeg).

Please add this functionality. Like a blank canvas, simply let us insert an image URL, and support GIFs.

Furthermore, allow us to cycle through images within an album. One of two approaches:

  1. Allow us to build our image album in-game
  2. Just have it hook into the imgur album feature

Either way, let us save albums, and set the pace at which media players cycle through images in an album.

For GIFs, let us set them to looped or not.

I’m perhaps not the only one here who would like to have my TVs simply cycle through some images, or toss up a static image of a desktop on my computer monitors… or even to use monitors/TVs as a clever way to display information in public condos (and the upcoming community condo feature)

Table Top Sim

The item name is ‘game table’.
Place it down in your condo.

Admin interacts with the table and can set up games. Comes with a list of predefined games and game accessories, like playing cards, chess, checkers, chinese checkers, GO, etc etc etc.
The predefined games come with ‘built in rules’, such as checkers passing turns, chess with a clock, and scoreboards for games that use them.

In addition, the game table has a free-form mode. You can use assets that come with the table, or you can pull assets from the Workshop. It’s up to the players to abide by any ‘rules’, since they won’t be built in due to it being free form. However, the admin can set up some basic parameters for the game, such as a basic scoreboard you can manually tick up or down/enter values into during the game. Could just be a notepad onscreen and you can set one or more people as the scorekeepers, and they can write and edit the notepad, which appears for everyone at the table.

For Workshop support, players can create game asset collections, plus script in any built in rules and scorekeeping. Players who load in these game collections from the workshop are able to turn on/off the built in rules. This way, if I just want the game assets but not the rules, I can do that.
The Workshop SDK should have tools needed to allow modders to create fully functional table top games, including built in rules and scorekeeping, and options for players to adjust.

The game table’s appearance can be changed to best suit the game. Or, instead of a table, it could be an object a condo admin can place anywhere, and players can interact with it to setup and play tabletop games.



Dart Pistol
“Confetti’s nice, Bubbles are pretty and potatoes are plentiful, But when You need something to get the Boogeyman out of your closet, look no further then this handy foam-slinger from everyone’s favorite toy company.”
Available in the Toy Shop, Equippable.
Dart Rifle
"The Dart pistol is nice, But what happens when the Boogeyman buys a bullet proof vest? You buy this thing, obviously, let’s see that spooky son of a gun ruin Your sheets again TONIGHT.
Available in the Toy Shop, Equippable.
Dart Machine-gun
“It’s official, the Boogeyman wont be going home to His family tonight.”
Available in the Toy Shop, Equippable.
Dart Rocket-Launcher
“This isn’t self-defense anymore, THIS IS WAR.”
Available in the Toy Shop, Equippable.
Dart Cannon
“This Baby fires darts the size of cannonballs, If this doesn’t stop that damned Boogeyman, I don’t know what will”
Available in the Toy Shop, Mountable “Turret”, can be placed in Condo.
Dart Nuke
“This has gone on long enough, It’s time for the nuclear option!”
Available in the Toy Shop, Placed in Condo, starts countdown when activated, when countdown reaches zero, Your condo is put into a “confetti storm”.
White/Blank Flag
“I guess We’ll just have to learn to accept it.”
Available in the Rob’s Imports, Equippable, Canvas. (Blank and white by default)



Nerf or Nothing!

Get it? because you requested alot of dart guns?
btw good ideas!



I want the Christmas Tree with the train back, cause I loved that little train.



Spray Paint
Type: Equipable
“You can use it to make art! You can use it to deface the Plaza! You can use it to spray paint over other peoples art!”
Found in Robs Imports. Paint wears off after 5 to 10 minutes.

Water Bucket
Type: Equipable
"Be the hero of the plaza! Wash away all of those catsacks and anarchy symbols from the walls and clear up the area of spray paint.
Found in Robs Imports. Permanently removes paint.



Get Ready for Weird bodyparts on Walls in the Plaza!



So uh, When can we put our purchased bowling balls proudly on a shelf in our condo?



Whiteboard/Easel for your condo. You and any authorized players can have fun drawing with each other.



A Melon that goes on your head.

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Some sort of trading cards that you have to open in a pack like real trading cards maybe even add in some sort of display case to show them off in your apartment and then maybe make a game to go with them. I think that would be awesome but also asking a lot.



Laundry Detergent Pac
Please, don’t eat it.
Fresh Food and Smoothies, Blending, Cooking, Colorable (blue & orange thingies)

Store Sign
Place this LED board outside and put your store’s name on it.
Central Circuit, Colorable (Lights/Letters), Sign, Scalable

Desk Lamp
For when it’s 12 AM and you want to go blind.
Rob’s Imports, Colorable (Lights)



man why did you have to put the good idea of a Store Sign and Desk Lamp in the same reply as Laundry Detergent Pac :frowning:



It’s time to buy this item!
Rob’s imports

Writable Sign
Put this to show where you are
or going!
Rob’s Imports

Gameworld Statues The Dragon from LC. A zombie from Virus, Ball from ballrace, and golf hole.



how about golf ball instead of gold hole



Hey, here’s some more items!

Store Items

Les Paul Guitar
Put this in your condo to play it and show how rich you are.
Equippable/Placable, Colorable, Playable, Songbird
There isn’t anything in this but gum and quarters.
Colorable, Rob’s Imports, Catsacks

Game World Legends Store Items

Medieval House (8 variations)
Buy enough of these, and you could attract a dragon to your home.
Little Crusaders catsacks, Upgrade
Put a coin in it, and your dream might come true.
Redeemable (well won’t disappear), Little Crusaders catsacks, Upgrade
Colorable Dragon Mutator
Make your dragon blue, green, or even forbidden colors!
Different Ball Race Ball Shapes (8 Variations)
Make your ball a different, cooler shape!

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Not sure I understand this one. Is it something you can put in your condo? Why doesn’t it disappear when you redeem it?



You can put it in your condo, and it doesn’t disappear because it’s a prop.

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I suggested items for the Upgrade store and you suggested milestone items. What’s the big deal here?



…i suggested for upgrade store aswell.