Item Suggestions Megathread


A color-able mini-fridge for those sick condo’s.


Ghost Hand
Use things from really far away with this spooky extremity extender!
I don’t really know what it looks like, but the idea is that you can press buttons and such from really far away with it. Want to send the Underwater Condo’s elevator up top without being in it? Send out the Ghost Hand! Want to turn off a light but are too lazy to walk all ten feet to it? Use the Ghost Hand! This item doesn’t need to be spooky themed, I just couldn’t think of a better explanation for an item that uses things from far away.


Bat Gun
Celebrations, Equippable
Shoot the living type of bat with this spooky gun!

Giant Pumpkin
This pumpkin is as big as a tree!


I was thinking of a couple of items for the player model, specifically the glasses section.

I would like a single-piece visor sunglasses, much like the Spy Optic Tron model, as seen here:

One I would much enjoy in Tower Unite is almost the same design, but this specific model of sunglasses has lights inside the lens

The inspiration is from the ChemiOn glasses (

Here are some sample images:


I would LOVE to have these glasses inside TU! ^w^


I love the canvases and such, but I would love if there was some way to actually draw on them or make drawings. Be it through a new item or some addition to the canvases. I think it would definitely be a great way to liven up condos.


damn these look good


Some items for those gaming setups out there :
A standing microphone :

External sound card :

And place-able headphones would be neat.


Canvas Slide Projector

Directly project a linked picture and can stay constantly on even after re-entering it’s condo, faster to set up than the Media Projector too

Also, it could stack multiple picture link at once or a whole collection of picture link (like an imgur album) with the possibility to switch between the slides


And a clown will jump out of it


Code doors for security in electronic shop. Like this one:

Please… More privacy for people in their rooms :frowning:


Something different that’s for sure - but could be fun if added the game :wink:





Snow Machine


Snow canon? snow blaster? snow gun? Snow Gunner?

gud names!


Ushanka hat please


inserts ra ra rasputin


I reckon that some wings would be awesome as a backpack cosmetic. Customizable attatchment and colour would be great for this


I’d rather wings as an item, personally.
A double jump, or maybe infinite jumps instead of the flight of a jetpack.


Here are some item ideas I came up with.
Christmas Tree
A festive tree that came with free ornaments and lights.
From Holiday Events, Customizable Lights
A small ice igloo.
From Holiday Events
A bigger than usual dreidel.
Colorable, Spinnable, Celebrations, Holiday
A menorah.
A pile of delicious cookies.
Fresh Food and Smoothies
Milk Carton
You can drink it. It’s not alive, I think.
Fresh Food and Smoothies, Canvas (missing person sign)
A great way to see what day it is without using a phone.
Canvas (Background), Rob’s Imports
Snow-Covered Rock
A rock covered in snow.
Seasons, Holiday
Snow Pile
A great way to hide from your friends and throw snowballs at them.
Seasons, Holiday
Green Screen
Great for pretending you’re rich or took a vacation to Hawaii.
Rob’s Imports
New Years Counter
A timer that counts to New Years Day.
Holiday, Celebrations
Garden Gnome
A both welcoming and scary gnome.
Rob’s Imports, Colorable
Use it, please.
Central Circuit


Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) materials, furniture, and items would be great.

Chinese New Year is coming soon too, and it’ll be great to have some items dedicated to the theme, like Chinese lanterns, hongbao (red packets), Chinese firecrackers, chunlian (wall scrolls/couplets) etc.