Item Suggestions Megathread


A condo item similar to this room item in the game PSO2

Its a reflex mini-game where the robot shouts when to attack and it records how fast your reaction time was, and saves the name of the record holder. It attacks back as fast as the current record holder.


Canvas Mugs

so it goes like




Okay, that’s some good Photoshop skills.


I did nothing, I just looked for a white mug picture, then I’ve been on redbubble for the picture and Preview on mug XP


Oh, okay. Still good.


What character is that on the mug anyway? It seems familiar but I can’t quite figure out what it is.


arf just the mascot of an artist I know XP look for streetdragon95 on Deviantart and you’ll find out, he also has a redbubble which I’ve taken that mug picture from


What I need in my life is for Gems to be colored.


Ok guys here me out.
When the wiring system is added. (or even before wiring is added)
Can we get, firework batteries.
Pretty expensive. Infinite Fireworks.


I thought you were gong to say so you could swing from it, but that works too, lol


Ping pong ball that you can throw! would be great with the red cups and beer for beer pong :slight_smile:


This has been asked before, devs responded that the hitbox would be too small and awkward.


I’d like to see a lighting effect that is triggered based on the sound in the room, For example if you were playing music via the media players then the lights would flash to the beat of the music.

It would be good for party rooms.


I’d love to see some sort of ball dispenser (soccer ball, basketball, etc…) that generates a new ball (and destroys the old one) every time you press a button (on the device). It’s really annoying to go retrieve a ball every time it flies off Highrise or disappears into the ocean on Underwater.


Hold C, click “Find Items”, then stash the item.


and? it’s still annoying to retrieve the ball even with menus :^)
plus this is an item suggestions thread not a support thread.


Poker table to play with your friends!


I know that this was already suggested but I would still REAAALLY like to see a DJ set, something like this


I wanna repost this but simply say I’d rather have just a simple chain link fence in the same dimensions as the walls so I can stack them up and make a court.


Record your thoughts on the go!
Acts like the notebook item, but is portable and can be edited via right clicking it in the Q menu. Should be able to carry multiple and edit them individually.