Item Suggestions Megathread


A cat sack bobble head


Allow us to make slot machines in our condos so we can make casinos in our condos


Vaporizer item. Use like bubble gun/confetti gun, blow smokes from face.



that’s not an item
plus the devs have already said that they aren’t adding it. The rounds would take too long
and it wouldn’t really fit in with TU


Okay, so ladders have been added to the new Virus map, Solar, and I have realized that I N E E D them for my condo
I guess you would be able to chose how many rungs are on them ladder, kind of like how you choose how many steps you have on stairs.
Please make this dream a R E A L I T Y ~
Also, just 'cause
I mean, we already have the mechanic of climbing ladders already, all we need are wooden and steel models of small bits of a ladder, that can be “stacked”.

Love, Donut.

I hope you consider this! :smiley:


If possible, it would be cool to insert custom 3D models into your condo just like you can videos and photos


Expect that to happen when workshop comes up.


Console references, GO!

The Kii We, reference to the wii U, resembles a kiwi.

The Entertainment Terminal 壱, Reference to the playstation 1, Looks like a box with buttons.

The K Cube, Reference to the Xbox, resembles like an Xbox but yellow with a K on the top


Here is my Idea


Wood Outhouse
What are you doing in my swamp?
Colorable, Seat

Listen to many hit albums, such as Now That’s What I Call Elevator Music and Foohy From Another World without anyone else being able to hear it with you!


It would be absolutely awesome if a Crash gambling game was added to the Casino (similar to the CSGO gamemode) in which you’d bet your desired amount of units and a random hash number generator (better explained here would make the round crash at a multiplier starting from 1x. If you cash out before it crashes, you keep your profit however if you don’t cash out in time and go bust, it goes to the house.

Place a bet. Watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! Cash out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier. But be careful because the game can crash at any time, and you’ll get nothing!

This would be so much fun, thanks.


Pretty much sounds like double-or-nothing except easier to get profit since you could place higher bets than just 5 credits.
Kinda pointless to have a similar machine which is already in.


Scratch tickets, each one is 2,500 units. Everyone who gets one adds to the pot of units and when the week ends, the winning numbers are revealed, if you have those numbers you win the pot of units. They would be sold at Robs Imports.


Scratch tickets were already suggested


What about clothes with canvas.

  • Canvas tshirts & tank tops

Side apart I would like to see eye patch for left eye, people would like it if you release pirate outfith by accesories.


Canvas clothes are no go.
Reason: People would just put porn on them and bring it to the plaza.


Then make a rule about it


Canvas clothes are being planned, but they need to make a website to decide which pictures are suitable.


I think there not alot of Accessories in Tower Unite, i was thinking of items of my own that i want in tower unite.
Hats-pirate hat, a helment, an chines hat, a melon hat.
glasses-eye patch, nerd glasses, fake eye poping glasses.
backpack-silver catpack (get from silver catsacks)(don’t really want a gold one)
neck-neckles, macaroni neckles

I can’t think of more items but you can tell me more items I don’t ask.


I Suggest a Usable Dart Board i made one out of canvas for looks