Item Suggestions Megathread


Table Bell

If wasn’t suggested before.

She would really appreciate one as well.


A small car like the Peel P50 thats modernized to fit with the “cleanness” of Tower products

It would probably cost 50 thousand units.


I’d buy it for 100,000 if it was drivable.


Item Name
Item description
Item Tags
(New Tag! Medical!)

Here, patch your self up!
Door, Medical

Box of Bandages
For small papercuts.

For bigger wounds.

Bottle of hydrogen peroxide
If the infection comes.

Gas Mask (Condo Item)
Hang it on the wall and take it in emergancy!

Baseball Bat
The American self-defence device.

Let’s chop down a tree,

Let’s tell a scary story.

Useful for vacation time,

Deck of Cards
Great for evening games,


I was trying to build a Jagpanzer 38(t) Hetzer but how could I say…

So my suggestion would be “add more canvas objects” …I guess?
Anyways I’d love to see a tetrahedron canvas so I can save my Tank from missing half it’s beauty.

Thanks for even considering it!


Gas Mask for a condo item seems tempting, In case of fire, use.


Not the best way to get out of a bad situation.
Equippable, From Catsacks

Cosmic Catsack Replica
So that you can pretend you have one, but it’s small and made of wood.
Rob’s Imports

Curved Bed
This bed is designed to make you feel like you’re in the future, because everything is curved in the future.
Sweet Suite, Colorable

Curved Couch
Surprisingly Comfortable.
Sweet Suite, Colorable

Curved Chair
If there’s a curved couch, there’s a curved chair.

Unit Coin
It’s one unit and also the only thing that costs one unit.
Rob’s Imports

Traffic Lights
These lights are great for stopping, warning, and moving things.
Light, Rob’s Imports



Granpa’s one.

Canned Beans
To survive any apocalypse.

Canned Soup
Tomato flavor…

Bug Spray
It doesn’t work on game bugs.

Bottle of Water
You can survive only 4 days without it.
(If you drink it, remove the drunk effect.)

Dear God…

Box of crayons
Make my world colorful!




Copyright. That would never happen.

Firework Launcher yes.


Ever heard of sarcasm?

Jumper items like the ones in TF2 would be kinda neat though, They’d probably be kinda pricey.


A pedestal that you can put items on (the item would be resized if necessary.).

Placing an item on it (drag it on, press E on it when its equipped, etc.) Would float the item on those little golden yellow things.

Name: Item Pedestal
Description: For displaying your most prized possessions.
Price: 10,000 Units.


With that pills here joke. You reminded me of Kitty0706. R.I.P


More beds. And smaller ones, too. I’ve been putting the default bed halfway into the wall to make it look like a full size mattress to save on space.


Also, give them fancy names like explosion stick bouncer and circle launcher to evade copyright.


@Ted Better copy and paste whole 60 seconds into Tower Unite. Some of these items are ok (like water, we need it, in TU as well), but seriously.

@A_Blue_Gryphon I’d appreciate some more beds. Bed for baby, double bed (the one with 2 floors and a ladder), beds hidden in wall (for any new condo, could be an item as well) and possibly more.


Strings and Pistons which can connect to objects just like in Little Big Planet.

These items had editable length, stiffness, visibility. Piston also had a speed option which times how long it takes to move from min to max length.

Along with this I think grabable items like a big sponge would be a nice addition. Connect these to hanging strings and you have a swinging parkour map. :smiley:

(Edit: Video example:


Probably something that’s already been suggested, but placable/physics-versions of Bowling Balls you own to place in your house (with the default ball available at a price); IE, you buy a bowling ball at the store, then you get a copy in your inventory to place in your house. Or, now that I think about it, maybe just keep a copy of it in the wieldable item inventory, so you can carry it around in the Plaza just to show off (which is pretty fair, considering the cost of some of the balls). You could have them as physics objects with weight similar to the Metal Melon, but it barely bounces, and possibly a pin physics object, too. Plus, a little stand to put the ball up in would be nice.


Back at it with another "One of every cosmetic type"

  • Safari Hat (Hat)

  • Wrist Compass (Wrist)
    “For those moments when you get lost in your own condo”

  • Crocodile Teeth Necklace (Necklace)
    “Bushman’s rules…”

  • Welding Goggles (Glasses)
    “Fuel your inner steampunk”

  • Survivor’s Essentials (Backpack)
    (Typical camping backpack with odd bits poking out of pockets and zips)
    “Everything you need to survive a single hour alone”

  • Falling Leaves (Particles)
    (Green floating leaves which fade in softly and float down the body, odd coloured leaves will rarely spawn)
    “You smell that? That’s the smell of nature”

  • Cardboard Box (Waist)
    (An open cardboard box in which the player has forced their legs through the bottom, why!?)
    “Also known as the bargain bin Halloween costume”


Are those references to sniper from TF2???