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Protest Sign
Write your own message, this wouldn’t give peace a chance…
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Dance Floor Minigame for the condo
PD: --> <-- X O <–


Krusty Krab Unfair


Maybe some Future themed furniture? I mean we have wood and plastic, why not space themed?


Bird pets (for your shoulder!)
Just a thought I had this morning.




keytars are the future


Perpetual motion machines/Animated items.

@PapaRussia suggested the sipping bird a while ago, and it made me think: Why don’t we have more animated things for the condos in general? Let’s get some motion going! Lava lamps with moving liquid, clocks with hands that actually move, and desktop toys like the one below. It could make otherwise bland condos feel at least a little more full of life.


I thought the grandfather clock did that.


Ah, I’ve never placed one down in-game, didn’t know. Even so, more analog clock designs would be nice.


Can we get a regular Yung Station ( tbh I would love to see some fun gaming consoles )


Skateboard or hoverboard for faster travel


The thing I would really love to see is so easy to add, since they’re already in the game. I would love to see some of the casino games and bowling be available for purchase as condo items, so we could play bowling or poker at our homes. I’ve really wanted to have my own little poker room in my condo for some poker nights, with some nice jazz playing as my peeps and I talk about life while betting away our cash.


This is also easy to add since theyre already modeled.
I mean the items in Central Circuit. Not all of em are buyable.
Such as the modern fridge, small monitor, bigger monitor etc.


more minigames for the condo would be nice.
some boardgames maybe or a pinball game for the condo :slight_smile:


Plants. Like potted plants and grass.

  • Annoying Button (Furniture)
    (A placeable item similar to the existing buttons, interacting with this item can play up to a maximum of a 10 second sound clip of your choosing. This could be done via a video-less youtube link or an mp3 link.)
    “Pressing this button will play a sound effect of your choosing to annoy all your friends!”

  • Treasure Chest (Furniture)
    (Openable to store all your goods! Copy to the Chest o’ Units but without the effect nor redeem.)
    “What good is an empty treasure chest!?”

  • Old-Fashioned Trunk (Furniture)
    (Another openable)
    “Ripe with dust bunnies and the distinct smell of old leather”

  • Flying Cat/Dog Saucer (Pet)
    (Planet Panic hovering pets, works similar to the Flying Turtle)
    Dog: “Show them you’re not barking up the wrong tree”
    Cat: “Show them you always land on your feet”

  • Solar Wind (Particles)
    (The similar effects given off by the Cosmic Catsack)
    “You have ascended”






Water Bottle Item
10 units per bottle, drinkable.
Two possible descriptions, can’t figure out which’d be better.
“Offensively Overpriced Tap Water.”
“I did not hit her, it’s not true!”