Item Suggestions Megathread


I love Heaven’s Lost Property


Not much of an item but more of a new playermodel instead of the 4, Little crusaders, There will be a icon on the right that is a down arrow if someone clicks it they will be able to choose from esquire all the way to count, a cosmetic from Little Crusaders: Birb the birb and another one, the dragon. they will float and orbt around your head. This is a reference to toy room from Little Crusaders, you will be able to have lego blocks for your condo, these will be called ‘Shego blocks’ description: Never step on one of these. it can hurt like 4 splinters in your foot at the same time! Okay, maybe not that much but it still hurts! The infected from Virus, another one from a gameworld. but, with no green flame, but has a separate green flame effect to make it actually look like an infected, as a cosmetic to equip there should be a laser tag vest, and maybe another hat, your player’s head in a planet panic UFO, the Little crusaders playermodel is a reference to Pigmasks playermodel like in Gmod Tower. As an equippable you can buy at rob’s imports but when the upgrades store comes out, it will be moved to the upgrades store. The ball from ball race. this will put you in the ball from ball race and your player will act like they’re in a ballrace ball (which they are) so it uses the ball race physics, something added is the ability to jump, again, this is a Gmod Tower reference, playing in a ball in the plaza. thats all I thought of, I really want the little crusaders idea though.


i think i heard something about being able to use the knight playermodels in the plaza like in gmt
(i really like these models too) as milestones or something


The nony console from toy room from little crusaders would be a good idea


I need this for a grass block from minecraft I need to show off my stupid stuff


Fake gold bars with obvious painted on gold, bootleg Spin to Win item, yo.


I need that birb one, we need this update


Here’s a couple free items to automatically give new players so that they can find what they want. I’d stick them in the equippables area; equipping one would open up the guide, but you could also do so with a right click option.

Plaza Guide
This tourist guide will help you find any locale you’re looking for!
Contains a map of the plaza as well as pages for most major stops. Pages include descriptions of the place and what can be found there. Should probably also contain a search bar for those looking for a specific spot.

Item Guide
This shopping guide contains all the information you need on anything up for purchase!
Contains a list of all storefronts and their locations (with the exception of hidden stores, like The Stray). It also contains a list of all items available (with possible exceptions), sorted first by store (or lack thereof) then alphabetically or by price. Should probably also contain a search bar so people can quickly find “jetpack.”

Game Guide
This guide contains basic information for all available games!
Contains a page for each gameworld as well as sections for each lobby minigame. Lobby games could be sorted into tabs such as Casino, Arcade, and Boardwalk. Each section contains basic rules and default controls.

Condo Decorating Guide
This guide will help you get started on setting up your personal space!
Contains information on basic decorating controls, such as placing down items, colouring things, and adjusting item settings. Will also contain advanced condo tool and I/O instructions when those features come out.


I want to buy my own host Jeff


I want to own a robot boxer toy with Foohy and Jeff as the robot boxers.


I’m pretty sure I said this before but one of my favourite things to do in Garry’s Mod Tower was Go invisible with the Stealth Box, Sneak into people’s Condos/Suites, and drink all their beer and die of alcohol poisoning.


People will make dashcon…


Just gotta get that extra hour in the ballpit.


The laser tag gun to be used around the game. there could be a vendor in the laser tag room (not the waiting lobby but the area to join the game) that sells guns for all the teams!

Maybe a customizable one too.


DJ mix pult with stand for tablet media player

plus nice table for it

controller could look like this gorgeous thing


Display case with the ability to edit the size, lighting color, and description plaque.


Stolen Inspired by this thread.

Old Boots
These boots were made for walking, and apparently swimming too.
The old boots are only obtainable via fishing, and are a pair of boots instead of just one. They’re a cosmetic item (like the speed shoes) which unsurprisingly attach old, worn out boots to your player’s feet. They have no special effect.


Photo Album
Like the small book (the one that you can write) but with tons of pages with 1 canvas (per page)
Price: 7.500 - 15.000 Units


And then you could readd the camera from GMT in and pictures you take with it can be put in the photo album.


Furniture items that could be used to showcase one’s badges/achievements. Think frames, stands, pedestals, etc.