Item Suggestions Megathread


Don’t worry :slight_smile:


Parkour race flag (Start/checkpoint/Goal)
You can race at home!


There are cubicle doors, but no cubicle walls. Seeing cubicle doors inspired me to build a bunch of office cubicles and things like a projector room and an office canteen in the middle of smoothdirt, but then I found out that there are no actual cubicles and I had to make do with the gray concrete blocks.
So, actual cubicles would be nice.


Add ceiling security cameras, or at least make the wall ones be angle controllable.


Fruit Basket…
Please i need a place for my bananas and apples


Hotel Mario flashback


Implement baguettes, perhaps?


More food items for when cooking and smoothies get added.

For smoothie making

Carambola (star fruit)
Berries (Blueberry/Raspberry)

and for regular cooking

Breads (Wheat, white, baguette, potato bread, etc)
Hash browns
Eggs (Regular, boiled, “dippy”, scrambled)

I really just love cooking in video games.


What about making the tower the condo tower and be called tower united. :grin:

  • Mining Helmet (Hat)
    (Light glows similar to other glowing cosmetics, perhaps a little brighter)
    “Time for a bit of spelunking”

  • Glowstick Bands (Wrist)
    (Numerous glowsticks wrapped around the wrist. Unknown if it could glow like hats and eyewear)
    “Let everyone know you’re young and ready to par-tay!”

  • Glowstick Necklaces (Necklace)
    (Numerous glowsticks draped on the neck. Similar to bands, unknown if it can glow)
    “Makes sure you can be seen during those night time raves”

  • Shutter Shades (Glasses)
    (Generic shutter shades)
    “These seriously scream summer time”

  • Key Winder (Backpack)
    (Typical butterfly keywinder found on the backs of old-fashioned wind up toys, could have the potential to slowly spin)
    “What happens to you when it stops turning?”

  • Snowfall (Particles)
    (Gentle snow that lightly floats down from the player with the odd snowflake that falls faster, fading as it falls)
    “Is it getting chilly, or is it just me?”

  • Banana Floaty (Waist)
    (An inflatable banana that would be positioned between the legs of the player)
    “Insert sexual innuendo here”

Tried making one for every cosmetic type!
Last one is questionnable for obvious reasons, but I thought it’d be funny~


Foss Ball
after the arcade is done there could be only 2 players to deal alot of its controls to handle


I would like this idea but in a minigame in the PC or an arcade machine. Like a first person up to 8 players football match


Arcade Cabinet with canvas would be cool.


A ladder that we could climb.
In 2 variants: wooden and colorable metal one


The Backer “Unit Bills” Item Only shows arms of a white male What if it showed what you were playing as like a skeletons hand and arms or a milk carton


allow the jetpack to be invisible to avoid it clipping with backpacks creating abominations like this:


As people build their condos higher and higher, it occurred to me: There is only one railing-type prop available to be purchased. What I’m suggesting isn’t simply more “Skins” for these railing props, but more a customizable railing.
Much like the stairs with the ability to choose number of steps as well as width, the railing could have the ability to determine height, length, Number of segments, and even a way to change the design of it (i.e. have a basic hand rail, wooden railing, or even a fence).
This would save a lot of time in building.Being that my “Basketball Court” is just a basketball hoop placed on the roof, I’ve had to use wooden panels to line the edges of the roof to keep players (and more importantly the ball) from flying off.
I hope this is a good idea!


I really hope they bring kegs and beer cases back and the ability to get drunk. That was one of the more memorable parts about GMod Tower and a big part of why I backed this one tbqh.


You can get drunk dude.


For when fishing comes out