Item Suggestions Megathread


I hope these stuff could be added to the awesome plaza and make it more awesome :smiley:
-Realistic swimming system (make it fun for waterpark)
-Cafe (or other comfortable places for us to gather in the plaza)


This is the item mega thread :3
Not the ‘what I want in th plaza’ thread.


Has coffee maker been suggested? eh probably, either way if it was here’s me suggesting it again


Diving Fins
Glide through the water with all the grace of a drowning fish.
(Like the speed shoes, these are equippable to the hotbar. However, these make the player move swiftly while swimming rather than running)


Ooh I like that Idea, A diving helmet plus the fins = a diver! Nice!


-Properly Textured 3D Objects (it’d be nice if I could apply an actual texture map to the canvas cube or cylinder, rather than the same image on each side)
-Pool table (though I’m sure this is already in development)
-3D model statues (Like, the ability to import a 3D model/texture and create a small or large statue of it in game? Like an anime figure or The Thinker)
-Glass Building Walls/Blocks (So I can cover the skylight in my condo with an actual window)
-Door frames that actually fit the doors
-The iMac from GMT (or a parody of an iMac, something with an in-game internet browser and a lite OS that you can personalize to some degree)


An interact-able whiteboard.
Interacting with the whiteboard would lock the camera so it faces the whole front of it (like how the piano and drums shift your camera view).
You have a bunch of keys binded to different colours of marker pens as well as a rubber and a clear all and you use the mouse to draw!

I’d love this as making a room dedicated to charades where people can draw things for people to guess would be pretty sweet.


You know what’s missing here? (You probably do.) It would be nice if we could buy some fancy chairs for dining tables, it would make table set ups like this look a lot better, and our only real options right now are cafe and canteen chairs.

By the way, I tried the Victorian chairs, but they don’t really fit the theme of a dining table IMO.


A ball pit to play in


Ds games sized canvas like the movie ones :>


Magic 8 Ball
A reliable source of answers.
Colorable, Phrases in it Can be Changed, Toy Stop

Paint Can
Throw it at people to make them look pretty.
Rob’s Imports, Equippable, Colorable

Streamer Gun
Fun at Parties.
Colorable, Equippable, Celebrations

Toasters toast toast!
Fresh Food and Smoothies

Boxing Gloves
Please note that these gloves do not fit on boxes.
Colorable, Rob’s Imports, Equippable


A big red bow either on the back of the head or on the side.


i think tower unite you should add a watermelon plushie for a winning item at the arcade as it would be a unique item to have in the game and if possible adding song sheet adding sytem to all pianos if possible

i hope i could hear from your and hope i could get my suggestion authorized

yours sincerely

Ikaros Angeloid tower unite player


Supporting .obj files and then an accompanying texture as pac in gmod does could go a long way.


make a playable guitar :smiley:


That’s already confirmed :>

  • Colourable throw-able ball
    (Similar to the physic balls used in Panic Planet) with the option to add glow.
    Would reuse physics used from basketballs, this way you could potentially make minigames from the colours.
    …Or just make a really laggy ball-pit.

  • Large throw-able puck
    Would have slippery physics to glide easily when sliding across flat surfaces, as well as bounce back with equal force.

  • Canvas Hemisphere
    Simple, just half of a sphere with canvas abilities.


How about a keypad for locked doors, so only people with the code could enter? (Or you could just use it for decoration and anybody can enter the door.)

Heres an example I made with a canvas.

Here’s the codepad picture if anyone wants to use it:


Already requested, this will probably be added with the Condo I/O System and Door Pads


Haha I’m new I didnt know :yum: