Item Finder Improvements

Currently, the Item Finder is really only useful for stashing rogue physics objects, or vaguely tracking down the location of an object. Here are some of the features I think it could use:

Lock: Show whether an item is locked, and if so, prevent some features from being used. Lock icon can be clicked to unlock.

Gizmo (Move icon): Activates the gizmo for the item, similar to clicking on it with the Q menu open.

Edit (Palette): Allows the editing of colors and other properties, as can be accessed with right click (if applicable).

Highlight (Magnifying glass): Outlines the object, making it visible through walls (similar to selecting with the Copycat).

Other potential features:

  • Item tagging: Mark certain placed items with an icon (e.g. heart, star, etc.) to differentiate them from the others.

  • Item folders: Manually add placed items in different folders/groups. Items of different types can be placed in the same folder.

Adding room names would also be helpful. This would be great if, come Condo I/O time, we have the ability to generate room names and areas.

More later. I’m thinking a Google Map Maker-type system. The system generates a birds eye view for you. This view can also be used for a map!


Love this idea.
Also how bout a way to move TO the object?

As far as labeling, I’ve been wishing there was a way to name workshop items/NPCs with what they actually are.

I don’t care about a proper thumbnail, but a name would help.
I sometimes lose workshop physics items thru the map, and tracking them down is near impossible when you have several hundred of them and no idea which way it actually went once it broke the barrier.


Also being able to color code the items in that menu would be nice. Or being able to set up dropdown categories to organize items by names/rooms yourself


These are really great ideas and I’m planning on tackling this while also making the item finder much easier to access in next updates.


Made a Trello card for it:

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