Issues loading media from custom sites in media players

This isn’t really a bug but it didn’t really fit anywhere else so here we are i guess.
I was working on a music visualizer for personal use and when I tried to use it within Tower Unite it wouldn’t autoplay. The reason for this seems to be because of Chrome/Chromium’s new policy changes for websites with autoplay in both html tags and the Web Audio API.
!! EDIT: After further testing on a local page it looks like audio doesn’t play only when it comes from an external source, the media plays when its relative to the host, but when fetching audio as a blob object it doesnt get played.
Remainder of original post:
There aren’t any workarounds for this as far as I could find outside of changing browser-based dev switches, found here and here.
Could these small fixes be considered for some kind of implementation to the game’s media players (if not globally, for condos at least)? Since media players don’t offer interaction with the site they’re displaying I could only see this as a fix.
(PS: What gets sent to websites other than YouTube/SoundCloud on use of the in-game play/pause?)
Thanks for the continuous content, support and overall development of this game <3

Are you talking autoplay like YouTube playlists or autoplay like it just starts playing on a triggering event?