Issue with custom textures in my condo

I invited a friend over to my conodo which has custom textures and pictures, all that have links to pictures with url. I’m using google photos for all of it. Everything loads fine for me but my friend wasn’t able to see any of it, only the default when he came in. He could see the in game items I have but not the canvansas or my custom pictures and wall textures. My friend has a very high end pc with fast internet. Any to resolve it?

usually you would want to rehost images you use to something like an unlisted imgur because google images can get misplaced/ deleted. The reason they might be fine for you is you have them saved to your canvas cache so they will look fine but the original links may not work anymore and are unusable for anybody else joining.

also if you use ez-gif for making animated canvases you HAVE to re-upload them somewhere else because they delete them after a certain time.