Is this forum SICK?

  • Yeah, it’s great!
  • I like it.
  • fuck you

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I like the old forumns better TBH, RIP… :cry:

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why is that? i’m curious.

Nothing is really organized, hard to find certain Topics.

But the forumn was just released to the public so it’s not that bad, just hopefully it’s easier to find things in the future.

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you can always click the Categories tab on the front page if you want to go to a certain category, or click the ‘All Categories’ menu on the top left as well. If you want to find a topic, you can use the search button on the top right of the page.

Yes just discovered that lol, I take back what I said now. At first I thought it didn’t have categories & i was like RIP

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It’s gonna take a little bit of time to get used to, but it’s incredibly better than our previous forums IMO. I, for one, can find more things and can reply faster.

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It also has the added bonus of not giving me an error when I try to change my email.

Well sadly I can’t implement Steam login support though…

Yeah, the replying is really fast! ALso is their a speel checker yet?

I’m using Chrome and it has built in spell check, not sure what you use.

I use chrome aswell, is it an extention
RIP cant spell lol

No, it’s not an extension. Try turning it on?

realtime replies
sick shit yo

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Fail it was off! GG. I fucking love this insta-reply though! :heart_eyes:

It’s almost like it’s a chat room! For discussions!


Is there a way to scale down the picture in your profile background? -gg

You can use something like to do it. Right now it seems the forum software doesn’t let you do it.

I often use IPB, MyBB etc., but this ._.?! Aren`t there any themes?