Is my condo suppose to break?


I’ve been working on this project for a while now, shame to see this happen :\

I’ll try and redo it I suppose.

Not sure if I should put this in bug report or not so I’ll just leave it in condo showcase for now


have you been using the snap shot feature?


I haven’t used it for about a month
I only have two snapshots on smooth dirt though.


This was mentioned in the latest stream by the way:

Had it myself plenty times, but it happens most commonly when switching between snapshots, especially with a lot of items. It could’ve been that it happened on your last load and didn’t notice for some months later, that happened to me. On my nearly 10k item build, it happened and I didn’t realise, like my last 20 manual backups for it were corrupted, luckily I found one single random save of it that worked with only about 300 items missing… Was so relieved…

What I do now is well first, I don’t use Steam cloud because I don’t like the idea of automatically uploading possible corruptions.
I don’t use snapshots to load condos, I go out the game and manually copy the files in. I tested a while ago my condos 1 by 1 and if they loaded I copied them to another folder as my “stable” files. Whenever I want to load one, I copy it in and load straight into it, this worked fine for me now for a good while, bit of hassle but no corruptions since and my files are secure since I know each of them will load fine.


What are you some kind of time traveller?
Seriously how can your pc handle 10 thousand items?


It actually handles it really well when alone, though hosting becomes a huge FPS issue, naturally. The condo you probably wouldn’t have seen at its final if I didn’t miraculously find a working backup:


I was mostly refering to framerate since whenever i join someone elses condo and they have more than say 500 items, my FPS gets dropped to the level of PowerPoint presentations.
Also that picture, Jesus christ that’s alot of stuff.


Where are these files?


Your Steam folder:
...\Steam\userdata\[a unique number]\394690\remote\
The unique number is related to your Steam, there’s only one folder there anyway.

The CondoData is the current layout for each map, and you’ll see the snapshots there too. I highly recommend to everyone to keep backups on an external drive, it has saved me quite a few times.