Is anything going to be done about toxicity?

I’ve been apart of this community since 2011, and I’ve never seen so much toxicity on the game in comparison to how it was back on GMT. Almost every game I join, people are incredibly rude, annoying, and generally toxic. And I don’t think anyone is ever punished for it, as far as I’ve seen.

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I believe it’s mostly because only official servers are moderated, so people can say whatever they want in player hosted games/condos

That’s honestly really stupid. It’s also through voice chat, so no, I don’t think anything can be done about that. Ran into a few toxic individuals in the casino yesterday.

I just got back into this game again, and the fact that I’m already experiencing this sort of shit is really sad.

Voice chat is hard to moderate because the devs wouldn’t be able to have a record of it happening like they do with global text chat. I recommend muting/blocking people

it’s one of the wonders of the global chat and the ability to votekick in gamemodes.
Plus we got unmoderated condos and gamemodes because the player is the host of said instances, thus the devs have decided that the rules for the plazaz cant be enforced in the condos

Muting and blocking people is an option, yes. But it’s more of the fact that it exists.

Also, the fact that a host doesn’t have the ability to straight out kick someone is also wrong. All we can do is votekick.

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And most of the time votekicking doesn’t work, because said toxic person has toxic friends who’ll just vote no.

The devs are planning on reworking votekick. We’re not sure how it will be changed though

I’ve not had any problems with other people recently, and if you are then blocking them does the trick. some people on the internet are like that

Read what I wrote above.

I know that blocking exists, but it seriously saddens me how far this community has fallen from what it used to be.

Toxicity is an unfortunate fixture of online games that can never be completely rooted out. If it’s excessive and/or breaks the global chat TOS, reporting is an option.

What’s to be done about it then? I don’t see how anyone can control what kind of community forms around a game.

Nah yeah, I agree. It only takes 3 or 4 people in a server to make it seem like an “entire community” is bad. Most people are actually fine. If they break global chat TOS and are reported, they’ll lose their privileges to use it. Simple as that.


Well, then maybe I have shit luck with people ingame, then. I only really met two chill people, that’s about it.

You could come to the discord if you’d like. There’s people on usually every day and it’s a much, MUCH more preferable place than global chat to find friends.

Global chat is filled with nothing but small talk and randomness, it’s mostly in voice where people are toxic, even in moderated servers.
Was considering joining the Discord, but not sure what the point is. I don’t talk much in the first place.

Ahh, right, I understand. Voice is harder to moderate because VOIP data is not stored on the servers the way text is.

Yeah I know. Again, it’s just saddening to me that I have to put up with it in the first place. It never used to be this bad.

Eh, I’d really disagree. It has ups and downs. Same with any internet community. I’ve thought “Nope, this is as bad as it gets” several times. Looking at the broader picture, it’s just another spike in toxic behavior that dies down eventually. They just get tired of being malicious as long as you don’t give them the satisfaction they’re after, which are reactions from others. The good folks stick around, because they’re there to make friends and actually enjoy the game.

How were people toxic in casino? I’m having a hard time imagining this, were they upset at losing?