Is anything going to be done about toxicity?

I dunno, two dudes were just on my ass the entire time I was trying to win the wheel of fortune. Just being general douchebags.

Just take my word for it, please.

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What server was it just out of curiosity

I think it was San Fran 1/3

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You actually don’t have to put up with it. Just turn off voice chat. I’ve had voice chat disabled from day one. I’ve been turning voice chat off in every game I play, ever since the one and only time I tried to play CS: GO and some douche spent the entire game raging at me about how bad I was. Ever since then, I’ve always disabled voice chat.


I personally don’t recommend this, especially with team based games like cs. It restricts information that may be crucial to a game being won or lost. With something like tower, you’re pretty good to mute, but the main appeal of the game is the social aspect for me, so I don’t really see this either.

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I typically don’t play team based games for this reason. Also, you can still be social in text chat.


Well do do have to keep this in mind GMT was just two servers with small branching servers for the game modes, it is much easier to catch people being toxic on mic when everybody is there on one server but for TU that’s not the case. PixelTail cant monitor everything. In the end it may feel more toxic because more toxic people can use TU rather than GMTS slot limit.

Also the internet has increased in toxicity seine GMT as well you basically cant go on any social game without seeing a good bit of it and GMT did have some toxic people playing it but they ended up getting caught eventually.

Edit: Actually thinking about it more PixelTail already gave use the best method in the end being able to block and mute is the best way to go about it because it lets you decide what somebody says if fine to you and if you don’t want to hear it you don’t have to.


Just thought I’d pop in and mention that the toxicity seems to be much more under control now than it was in say 2017. I quit tower over it, was really refreshing to come back and see moderated chat and most people being pretty chill and friendly.

The best way to deal with the kind of targeted trolling you mentioned in the casino is to not react. They’re trying to get a rise out of you, just block/mute/etc and don’t give them any indication that you even noticed them. They’ll get bored pretty quickly and move on.