Introducing: Condo Points

Since community condos are on the horizon I’ve been thinking of a few different concepts to improve the whole experience. My first idea being Condo Points.

How do they work?

They work just like the normal Units currency, but obviously it’s for condos only. For each community condo you visit, you will have a different amount of Condo Points depending on how much you earned in those condos.

How do you earn them?

There are a number of ways to earn Condo Points, the first being time spent in the condo. Over time, players can earn Condo Points so the more time you spend in a condo, the more Condo Points you earn. The condo owner will be able to change the variables such as:

  • how often players get paid Condo Points (once per hour, 5 times per half hour, etc.)

  • how many Condo Points are given at each payout

  • how many times per day Condo Points are paid out.

The second way to earn them is via item activation. For example, you could connect a button or switch to the payout system and when the button is activated the player receives the set amount of Condo Points. This could be set on a one time activation so players can’t have more than one payout.

This method could be perfect for condo minigames. An example of using this method could be at the end of a parkour course or maze. Simply place a button at the end of these activities and reward players for completing it.

With the addition of minigames being brought to condos, maybe you could add a purchasable poker table and allow players to bet their Condo Points on a no limit game.

How do you use them?

The Condo Points concept will require the addition of shops within condos so players can purchase items of their choosing. The condo owner will be able to create a shop (maybe with an NPC) and choose its theme as well as choose which items will be sold in that shop.

With the addition of multi-player editing, the condo owner will be able to build spaces such as apartments or simply just a room and give certain players access to building in that space and that space only. This will work as a housing system and will give players their own space to build and decorate their apartments/rooms without giving them the ability to build on other areas of the condo.

I have created some concept art on a shop idea where players can purchase different personal spaces within the same condo setting:

This could work by letting condo owners write the shop title, item descriptions and upload images to the shop purchase screen, as well as set the price for the personal spaces. Each space will be locked with a door by default and by purchasing the space via the shop, the door unlocks and the space becomes editable. Players may then furnish that space with the items they bought from the item shop.

In addition to this, once players have purchased a personal space, they could choose whether to have their space open publicly, friends only or closed.

Personally, I think this concept would fit perfectly when community condos are released and would add many more layers of gameplay within the condo environment. Let me know what you guys think!

That ui mockup is very smooth and enticing.


Yes please.


This gets my vote, It would be a nice compromise for those who were excited about community lobbies.

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I love the idea.

looks like it ‘could’ be happening


I’ve never been a fan of earning credits by standing around doing nothing. I also don’t see the appeal of a separate currency system or store for said currency. Just seems like a lot of unnecessary clutter, like i don’t need to be rewarded some extra currency for beating someones maze when beating the maze is reward enough to me.

I’m likely to be the only one to dislike this but I’ve seen a few topics suggesting some sort of condo currency and it just doesn’t sound like something that would interest me or add anything to my experience.

Still a well thought out suggestion though.


yeah can’t wait to see bunch of people being afk in my condo. Real nice.

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Can be easily fixed by enforcing an anti AFK system, which the game already has.

Then people get kicked if they watch a movie. Or get annoyed with an anti afk system bugging them all the time in a Condo.

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The condo uses a somewhat different AFK system, which doesnt kick anyone out, nor is it really bugging anybody.

That could probably work but like i said in my first comment, it all seems like unnecessary clutter that ultimately doesn’t really add anything to the condo experience. If a Condo owner can choose the amount of currency to give out then what’s to stop them giving visitors all the money they need to buy these extra things, making time based earning and the whole concept rather pointless.

Why not just spend Units on these things, considering the fact that lots of people have over 15 million Units after buying every item in the game and probably want something new to actually spend their Units on. Even buying all the new upcoming Condo maps won’t make a dent in most peoples Units so it would make sense to suggest things that can be bought with the currency we all already have.

I feel like you miss the point of the concept. First off, AFKing can be prevented by giving away a one time payment per day, and making the activities/mini games you complete have a higher payout. This will also encourage condo owners to build new mini games to possibly compete with other community condos.

Secondly, this currency allows for a whole economy inside your condo with tons of possibilities for player housing. It’s up to the condo owner to create a fun economy that doesn’t promote AFKing. If you can’t see the potential from that I don’t think I can help you out.

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I just have a few questions:

What incentive would a Condo owner have from this?

Would they earn anything from this or is it purely for visitors?

Are the points for visitors to buy pre-built areas in other peoples Condos?

I’m very conflicted about this idea… But overall it sounds extremely interesting and something I wouldn’t complain about if it were added. I’m just very wary about a second currency system… But if condo owners can give them out at will, so I can still easily let my friends build in my community condo, then sure!

The condo owner wouldn’t benefit from this financially (unless the devs can come up with a way to convert Condo Points to Units without any exploits). However, the condo owner will benefit by having lots of players enjoying their creations & minigames and having a really populated server since there will be more incentive for the players to stay in the condo setting.

The points can be used to buy pre-built areas or just land in general as well as items to make their own builds. It will be down to the owner to see what they can come up with using the tools the devs provide.