Infect multiple players at the start of a round depending on playercount


If you’re playing against a lot of players, especially those who are proficient with the weapons, it can be incredibly frustrating to actually infect anyone, due to weapons like the Double Barrel killing you before you can even get close and Sonic Shotguns blasting you backwards.

It often seems like it takes order of magnitudes more skill to be a threat to the survivors than it is for the survivors to be a threat to the infected. To combat this, it could help to have multiple people become infected when the round starts, so the infected start off being able to make more advanced plays like distracting the survivors, rather than just having to run at survivors until one of them happens to miss enough shots.

Enraged mode honestly doesn’t help that much, at least for me. Even if it did, it’d only show how powerful the weapons are if the infected need a temporary buff just to survive.


Yes please, Drrabbits Virus games are really easy to get lots of units off of as long as you don’t get infected at the start of the round. All 10 rounds we played, survivors won.


Absolutely! The infected really only get deadly when they start coming from multiple angles. I also still think rage should affect different numbers of initial infected depending on how many players there are; an enraged infected is incredibly deadly when there aren’t many players around, but the sheer firepower of a larger group can definitely make it feasible to last a while. Ironically, two normal infected almost always makes you worse off than a single enraged! As more players join the server, I think a greater number of infected should be enraged before it passes the threshold for disabling rage.

Or maybe we could bring back my years old suggestion for adding a scaleable rage system. Basically, each infected has a personal rage level (which probably affects their colour, getting more red as they are more enraged). Rage increases when there are more players on the server and as you, personally, get killed more. Rage decreases exponentially as more players overall get infected. I think it’d help solve the problem of small numbers of normal infected having a difficult time even getting close to a survivor.


+rep, awesome idea.


Yes. Even when the infected are enraged, you can still be spawn-killed endlessly. There should absolutely be a fixed ratio of infected:players when the round begins.

(Purely hypothetical, but here’s what I’ve envisioned.)

If ≤ 6 players, spawn one infected.
If 7-12 players, spawn two infected.
If >12 players, spawn three infected.

This will always ensure that about 1/5 of the players begin as infected, instead of 1/12, should that many people be playing.