Infamous local player model bug

Just wondering. :raising_hand_man: I’m raising my hand because I’m being victim to this bug. :worried:

I see my player model and it’s working just fine :relaxed:, but the other players does not :frowning_face:.

If you are victim to this local player model bug, please tell me why.

Make sure that the workshop player model is public. Unlisted or private player models cannot be downloaded by other clients, and won’t display.

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I did not create a public player model for anyone.

Also, to concludes the most laziest part for me is this: I accidently let the Workshop Polygon Limits on.
This causes all the high polygon player models to be limited.
So, I turned off the Workshop polygon limits and, thankfully, solved this problem.

Great scott! How completely lazy I am to find this and solve this problem :sweat: