Incentives to Fish - Weekly Challenge Checklist

Fishing in TU has always been hard to promote and draw players to, because it’s quite a relaxing feature that everyone does their own way - players can aim to make the most money, collect as many fish as possible, etc - instead of any other game in TU that has music, rules, timers, etc. It’s also something you have to discover yourself - you walk up to one of many Fishing areas, instead of choosing it from a menu and going straight in, like with a Game World.

I feel like fishing is an easily overlooked part of the game, even if it’s a great way to relax - so I feel like it should have some incentives to get new and existing players to not only discover the Fishing element of the game, but to keep them coming back.

I think a good way to do just that would be with XP / Unit Rewards - a small fishing checklist that rotates every day/week/etc. So when you walk over to a fishing area, a small UI element could appear, ideally toggleable, showing a time-based challenge - along the lines of “Catch 40 fish”, “Catch a wireframe fish”, “Buy 20 bait items”, “Discover all Fishing areas”, or to catch one specific fish.

That way, not only are you drawn back to the Fishing areas of the Plaza more often, but you’re more likely to invite others to do the same - especially if they’re new to the game and need to quickly earn some cash for cosmetic items. Plus, it’d be a good way to help players discover the Fishing feature more in-depth.

I really like these ideas. Fishing is so polished and relaxing, but once I caught Screamy Boy after 30+ hours I never feel too inclined to go back. The only thing that tempts me is completing my fish encyclopedia. It just doesn’t make enough units.

One other thing I think would be a good boon for fishing is allowing it in condos. I know that was the original idea, but I don’t know if the devs changed their minds on that. I feel like a ton of people would fish while hanging out in condos watching youtube videos and chatting.


Fishing in condos would be amazing!


Not sure, but might be that fishing in condos was more vulnerable to hacking


That was my assumption as well, but then I realized you open redeemables like Bags of Units and Cat Sacks in condos. If those are safe, I don’t see why fishing wouldn’t be. Also you’re able to earn Condo Exp, and in the future condo milestones.


The unit part is something i don’t mind, but EXP part is so needed.

it kinda feels pointless to fish for rarities when they gave you random difficulties with low exp, even the hard and very hard gives you not exactly alot


Looks like it’s being implemented!

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