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Comment Thread: Daily Awards


  • Game World support
  • Fishing support
  • Plaza game support
  • Card’s description was updated.
  • A new checklist named “Todo” has been added to the card.

Aw, hell yeah. Finally.

The fact that more people aren’t excited about this saddens me. This is absolutely a necessary system for the longevity of the game and gives (especially) new players a reason to continuously log into the game alongside the double EXP weekends.


How long will your daily streak go on?

Here are some daily task ideas:

  • Ride on the water slide
  • Set off a firework
  • Win X times in a specific Arcade game
  • Spend X points in X shop/Casino
  • Get drunk
  • Taunt another player
  • Dance to the music on the dance floor
  • Play a game of Minigolf/Virus/Ball Race…
  • Buy a {very specific item} (could be flowers, food, or something weird)

I like all those except the taunt one. There’s no need to encourage people to be assholes

My apologies for using the wrong expression. I took this word TF2. What I meant was gesturing, aka player animations.


Ah. Using an emote. I actually like that idea.

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I really only like a couple of the ideas because I don’t really want the tasks to be empty.

Empty because it would take me a few seconds to do them and close the game again which isn’t very engaging.

Ones requiring the player to spend units (or really more specificailly having to buy things they don’t want) are a bit silly as well.

You want the tasks to encourage the player to play the game a bit. Not get them on for 3 minutes and they close it again.


What about taunting an NPC? Also I am pretty sure they meant do an emote.

Scroll up. Lol. That is what he meant.

Whoops. My bad lmao

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We all have those days. Lol

I see what you mean, and I agree. Although “buy the item” task could make you explore the shops a bit. Maybe it could be a bit unclear in which shop you could find the specific item.

I’d argue that’s even worse. I already didn’t like it because it’s requiring the player to use currency to complete a quest that’s meant to earn them it, and Tower Express exists so you can just find it there, and if you have to buy it ingame you can just find where it is on Tower Express. Exploration is fine as a quest, but not in this way.

The pumpkins for the halloween event were fun even if a little tedious and over the top in terms of how many you had to find.

But I just don’t think a quest for buying an item is a good idea regardless of how you spin it, because it’s still very empty, and again it’s requiring you to buy an item specifically.


maybe is just me, but i rather not buy random things with my currency because they probably have no uses for me or anytime soon and only act as fillers, you can only sell them very little too, but i guess getting currency is easier nowadays


I think a good alternative to “buy X item” would be “talk to the cashier of X store”, since that way you A. dont have to look for 5 years to find the store a specific item is in, B. you have to find the store itself in the plaza and cant just use Tower Express, and C. you don’t actually have to buy anything from them.

I think that would be a much nicer way to incentivize players to look around the plaza for the stores without it being frustrating, or needing to waste units just to finish your quests.