I'm Starting To Feel Worried


Worried that I’m wasting my time here. I’m 5 months and nearly 400 hours in and with every update and developer announcement I think more and more that the game is going in a different direction than I and others had anticipated, and I so desperately want to be wrong. I love this game and community so much it hurts to feel like I’m drifting away from it. This is my conundrum, people want to be creative, I want to be creative! But I can’t when I have to stop and grind for units. Condos are in my opinion single-handedly keeping this game alive for me and many others. I’m almost 400 hours deep into this game and I stopped caring about the plaza and mini-games before I even hit 50. To even build something remotely interesting you have to spend millions of units and anything truly big would require tens of millions, right now the best way to get them is to farm the Casino while you do something else on your PC. I had a conversation with the user AshGe who as many of you know has many a great project and I asked him how he could afford to build such massive things and he told me he hit a jackpot. This left me dumbfounded, to imagine that if he had not been lucky enough to hit the jackpot none of his amazing creations would exist and once Steam Workshop support is added more creators like AshGe will want to make awesome things that will undoubtedly to the fullest extent of the word draw players to the game no questions but as long as the game stifles creativity behind its malformed “economy” Tower Unite may never fulfill its true potential and its sad to even write this. I honestly believe that with the right tools this game could rival similar games in the genre (i.e. Roblox / Minecraft etc.). But until then I’ll just keep grinding and building, and hope one day everyone will be able to contribute to this great game. Please don’t let me down.

Yours Respectfully, Mr. W


To anyone who reads this I just want to say this letter was just as much for me as it was for the community, I was feeling sick to my stomach while playing and I felt the need to get this of my chest so to speak. If this letter achieves nothing I at least feel at peace with myself for writing it, so a warm thank you for taking the time to read it.


Minecraft and Roblox are in the same genre as Tower? I seem to be in the wrong timeline!
I don’t see how the game is going in the wrong direction. I kinda think that either the prices for stuff should be lowered or the amount from game-worlds should go up. Either way, I’m sure that kinda thing has been discussed in another post and denied for whatever reason. ughhh idk what I’m talking about.


I do feel bad knowing that I, a person who can do hardly anything with a WoM jackpot has all the units in the world, and somebody who can actually use them is having to spam casino. I don’t really get how this is making you [quote=“W1k0, post:2, topic:26187”]
sick to my stomach while playing

Just have fun messing around. I see so many people complaining about units in casino when really the game’s reward (at least for me) is having a cool community to be around and some weird gamemodes to play with them.


I couldn’t think of any other game were you could build in hindsight bad examples.


I guess you could call the feeling a mix between anger at myself and the game and lost sense of purpose.

Just have fun messing around. I see so many people complaining about units in casino when really the game’s reward (at least for me) is having a cool community to be around and some weird gamemodes to play with them.

And I completely get the sentiment the community is spectacular and the game modes are fine for a while but I need something more and I found that in building and sharing my creations with others. I don’t particularly think anything will change this is just me venting. thanks for listening.


These are valid concerns. When so much of the game’s draw is in customization for many people, why are items expensive? Even if you enjoy hanging out with the community and playing gamemodes, you can often only find games of ball race or mini-golf. I would enjoy seeing some sort of condo creative mode in which you could just place down whatever.

I understand some people would feel that all their time spent playing for units already would be invalidated. Earning units is also a substantial part of the game.

I’m unsure what a happy-medium solution could look like.


I understand some people would feel that all their time spent playing for units already would be invalidated. Earning units is also a substantial part of the game.

I’m unsure what a happy-medium solution could look like.

Hit the nail on the head. I don’t think anybody has a solution and any such will always leave some group of people unhappy all in all a real dilemma.


I’ve come to regret this part of my letter since I know this a key component to maintaining the long term health of a game
and the Developers have years of experience I don’t so they should know better than me but as I said I was mad and venting my frustration don’t take what I say too seriously.


How about introducing a “creative mode” of sorts? You’d get unlimited stuff to build with, but the build would get uploaded to a public repository anyone could access. The person hosting the build would still need all the furniture used and you’d be listed as the author (with a big pop-up informing anyone who joins the hosted build of the fact).
EDIT: Thinking about it, the uploading part could be optional. Just make the builds not hostable unless one has all the furniture.
And instead of a “repository”, the Steam workshop could be used.

That’s probably the biggest compromise I can come up with. However, I feel like the current furniture prices are great. Lowering them would remove a lot of goals/reasons to get units.


How are people going to see it? If I build something big only a handful of people could in turn use it, I think that’s a step in the opposite direction, locking off content only to those who have. You seem to be a very active member of the community so I thank you for taking the time to reply conversation of any kind is always good.


I haven’t touched the casino in ages and I’m actually having the opposite issue. I find myself owning everything in the game besides a random small item or two. Now all I have left to grind for is another Cosmic, and even those don’t have much use at the moment.

I know I say this alot but even before they buffed non-casino payouts this was not the case. I’m about to hit 10 million net worth with 5.7mil sitting in my pockets with nothing to spend them on except silver catsacks, roughly 80% from bowling and 20% from other gamemodes. I never won a jackpot besides Grand Quest. Every now and then I have to go out and buy a hundred or so canvases/canvas cubes/walls but that’s only an hour or two of bowling at most to makeup for the loss. I find myself waiting for a longer end game more than being restricted by units.


You say you have nothing to spend on but you’re buying hundreds of canvases what are you building? :slight_smile:


Perhaps some sort of “bulk buy” system could help. Basically, the price per item remains the same at lower quantities, but if you buy a significant number (like 100, as an example) then the price per item decreases by some amount (this could probably stack for every milestone hit, down to sell price or near sell price as a minimum per item price). For casual builders like me who aren’t looking to make extravagant builds, the cost remains the same for the few items I really want. For people making giant projects (which usually include an absurd number of canvas items) the cost is drastically reduced; the amount of items being bought at once is what will jack up the price.

For example, let’s say I’m looking to buy just one canvas: that’s 1,000 Units I need to shell out. That’s not much, and I get exactly what I want. Now suppose I want to make an art gallery with a large number of exhibits. Nothing major, but now I want 100 canvases. Right now, that would be a hefty 100,000 Units! Let’s say that a bulk buy is in place, with every 100 canvases purchased together reducing the cost by 10%. Now, each canvas item is 100 Units cheaper, or 900 Units per canvas item; the total cost is now only 90,000 Units. A 10,000 Unit saving is quite notable, but casual builders won’t typically need to have 100 canvases on hand. Similarly, we could go up to a 50% discount at 500 canvases if we wanted to start some cool project. This would give us the actual sell price of 500 Units per canvas, leading to a price of only 250,000 compared to 500,000. It’s still quite the investment to make, but you do get your money back if you decide to sell.


The problem with discounted bulk purchases is we can’t track items that were bought a certain way on Steam, so they could sell the items back at full price and gain unlimited profit.


Well Damn, and I thought it would have been a great step in the right direction but it was worth the shot, thank you Arkive86 for the great suggestion and thank you Macdguy for taking the time to comment very few Developers that are as active communicators as you guys are.


I’m always trying to work on a condo project on the side because I do agree on the point that large condo builds are one of the only things to work towards long term at the moment. However my unit income still is much faster than my building.

I feel like the payout buff from a bit ago did a good job of making earning units a faster process, I suggest branching out from the casino. Virus and Laser Tag can be fantastic money, however its hard to find consistent players without a group friends at times. If you want something more passive where you can multitask like casino, bowling pays out much better and doesn’t require camping out a casino chair for hours on end praying for a jackpot. Other game modes also pay decently now and there are a lot of dedicated minigolf players, just not my personal favorite. Just try new methods other than casino.


That’s because the minigames right now don’t really serve much of a purpose anymore. There are many alternatives to get the units going. I previously suggested to reward the player with something else instead of Units.

Mac said that the badge system will reward players with catsacks or other types of items, so I am really interested in that.

Steam workshop will also bring this game more alive, when it comes to avatar customization.
I mean, look at VRChat. Most of the players there just socialize and it can be quite fun to “roleplay” around.


Now I only care about Fishing, Upgrades store, and Accelerate. Also Zombie Massacre, I never played it or anything like it.


For a temporary ZM fix, try Alien Swarm. It’s free and fairly similar to ZM, except with aliens instead of zombies