I’ve been erased all levels in the Games

I get into the game and I see that all my levels are gone, and I don’t understand why I asked you at the chat, and some said bug is that I put on a chat And I don’t know what to do, so I came here by the way, I have 416 hours in the game.

By chats do you mean cheats?

And some said it was not true otherwise I would grab a bean so why does it read

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Sorry to be blunt, but is english your first language? I think there may be an issue with the translator you are using.

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So a minute

I went into the game today and I see all my levels have been erased. My items have been kept on me but all my levels are gone now and I don’t know why And I didn’t stay AFK

I didnt use any cheats

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nvm my exp back c:

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Good to hear bud!

now its just the fishing,plaza i had +200k EXP and now i only have 12k and in the plaza i had +450k EXP and now only 5k

There is no one on the team who can help me or anything I am supposed to do

Dude, you’re really impatient. It’s 11:30 am where they are. They’ve only just started work for the day and they’re busy making a game. Give them time. They’ll get to you.


A PM has been sent to the OP.

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k sorry

The exp has not returned yet of the plaza,fishing,casino

They will advise you when this has been addressed, for the time being chill and they’ll get back to you.


We sent them a DM asking him for the next steps to restore his EXP.


This also happened to me just all my stuff in the plaza was gone. I asked one of the developers I believe but they never got back to me. So i kinda just gave up and just played normally. If it’s possible to get the old exp added to the exp I have now that would be cool. But whatever I’ll ask bout getting plaza exp back later.

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