I lost around 800k but don't know how

I had around 1.9 million last night, then I bought a small few Christmas items last night, and to be honest didn’t notice my money but I’m pretty sure I didn’t buy that much. At most I think it would’ve been around 200k? On logging in today my money is at around 850k. Is there any way to check out the transactions list to make sure?

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well, hmmm, if you bought big christmas trees (which are 20,000) and alot of them, i can probably see why.
or maybe it’s other things…

I took a screenshot of my inventory list for holiday 2017 items, these are what I have. I do also remember buying some other things that weren’t holiday 2017 items such as a fountain, can’t remember anything else.

Oh never mind, I remember now. I bought the paper crown xD