I lost all of my golden catsacks after placing down, getting an error, and stashing three of them

I placed down three of my golden catsacks (my total amount was four), one was with the regular inventory drag method and two were with the copycat tool. I tried opening them up, but a steam error appeared mentioning that the game or me was unable to connect to Steam, so I stashed them using the stashing tool and they disappeared from inventory, including my fourth golden catsack that I didn’t even place down since I wanted to keep it.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Place down golden catsacks (I placed down three).
  2. Copy them next to each other using the copycat tool.
  3. Attempt to open the golden catsacks.
  4. Get an error about being unable to connect to Steam.
  5. Use the stashing tool to put away the golden catsacks.

What I expected to happen

To get my golden catsacks back from the stashing tool and place them down again to try and see if the steam error would go away.

What happened

My golden catsacks were no longer in my condo inventory, even though I only placed down and stashed three when I had four in my inventory.

Notes / Media

I have a recording of the instance, but I can’t upload the video yet because I’m a new video. Is there a reliable website I could use to upload it onto and post a link here?

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You most likely got the items from the catsacks, but Steam errored displaying the results.

I’m guessing I got two flying turtles and a boulder friend. I was checking the differences from my video and my inventory now and those seem to match up well, so thank you for telling me that. It did still take away my fourth catsack which I’m confused about.