I have reascended (GTX 1070)

Left: Geforce GTX 660 (OEM) Middle: Geforce GTX 1070 Right: Geforce GTX 970

I’m not sure what to do now with these old Graphics Cards now.


Reference cards… why! Yuck


make a campfire and burn them while livestreaming it
oh wait, how much are these things again?

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I got a MSI GTX 1070 myself, very happy with it.

send them to meeeeeeee

I’ll send them to you if you’re willing to pay for them, then again which one would you want? (other than the GTX 1070, that’s already in my desktop)

still waiting for my strix 1080 :sleeping:

They’re worth a decent amount of money, besides I don’t have a fire pit in the back of my house.

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I was mostly joking, am currently building my own desktop and already bought a card recently :confused:

Which one?

GTX 1070 aswell but the asus version

I havent actually bought it yet though, just said that, still in the cart waiting for when im actually going to build it when I move

But how are you going to play games in 1080p when you only got a 1070? :wink:

ye got the same issue. i can only play in 970p :confounded:

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Simple, I don’t play games at 1920x1080, I play games at 3440x1440.

I’m curious about how the 1070 handles high-end AAA games at 1440p? I’m wanting to get a 1440p/144hz monitor eventually but not sure if I should go 1070 or 1080 :thinking:

For that resolution and refresh rate, a 1080 will probably be a better choice. I’m using a 1080p @ 144Hz monitor with my 1070 and it manages it fairly well, but I bet a higher resolution would make it struggle.

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Considering that I have a 3440x1440 60Hz panel, the GTX 1070 actually handled Tower Unite pretty well. It consistently stayed above 60Hz when all of the settings were on TURBO (even TURBO anti aliasing).

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Sure, it stays above 60, but if you want more frames out of it, say 120+ then it will be difficult.

Yeah, I’m wantin to bump both res and refresh at the same time. Been sittin at 1080p/60 for years.

I DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO WAIT MAN. plus i think my 1080 looks good in here

I get 85+ FPS in Battlefield 1 on ultra settings @ 5670x1080. Not sure if you could grab 144 frames on highest settings with a 1070.