I have reascended (GTX 1070)

At which resolution scale is that? I get around 80-ish with ultra, 1080p, with resolution scale set to 50%.

I’ve heard 42% is native resolution, I actually haven’t checked if it’s 42 or 50

GTX 1080…

In all seriousness though I was originally planning on getting a GTX 1080, but due to the games I play and the GTX 1070’s better Perfromance per Dollar ratio, I felt that a GTX 1070 was better buy for me for 3440x1440 gaming. Besides, the GTX 1070 is still about as powerful as the Titan X (Maxwell).

give them to me?
Thats always an option…

As I’ve said before, I’m not willing to just give the cards away, but I am willing to sell them.