I gave a shot at making my own dogbag

So a few days back I got the grand idea of making my own themed catsack workshop item but I had no real clue of what it should be themed around. Around I went thinking of what I could choose and lo and behold it came to me:

We may not have dogbags in the game yet, but I can certainly try my hand at making one!

With the help of @CalculatorSpoon and @Lemon I happily present the bestest and most goodest boy who ever served as a holder of goods:

Nab your own little one over at your nearest workshop or the in-game browser!

also lets pretend the original name isn’t dogbag and is actually dogsack


Now this is very gnarly thank you

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Came out really good! Nice work.

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I love the tail! :heart_eyes_cat:

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That is actually adorable

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What would they give if you could open them?


oh look its my thread