Are dogbags confirmed?


I read somewhere in a wiki there would be an alternative to catsacks “dogbags” can someone confirm this legitimacy?


They are planned on the item list and I believe Trello.




On the official item list it is there along with its item generator, they are probably ready to launch but they need new items so its not just a reskin. I also saw a model on the wiki of it (Its pretty cute!) but I cant seem to find it again.


Seems someone is unwilling to use google:


Oh you found it! what did you look up, I kept looking up “Dogbag TU” “Tower Unite dogbag” and things like that. But isn’t he cute?


lmfao i showed my brother he said what the fuck is that, i like them though :+1:


“tower unite wiki dogsack” and click on images,
Was the 2 result for me.