I changed my review of Tower Unite

Update Halloween 2019: Special thanks for Dylaniza for the huge reminder.

The reason I changed my review from good to bad review is because of some areas that contain a large number of lags that may screw you over and over again.

I know my computer doesn’t have the full optimization (like Nvidia GeForce) for this game, but Nvidia needs to help Pixeltail by optimizing their game.

That’s the main point why I’m having the lag issues. But the short optional point for this game though is how early this game was released.

But, that’s just my opinion.

What’s wrong?


I just checked his review (can’t figure out how to link it on mobile). He’s mad about the lag.


This game is invaded with overly-lagging issues.

It’s unplayable, it’s annoying, it’s just punish people from all over the world.

I’m accusing Macdguy for his terrible creation. Nuff said.

Yikes, that’s a little harsh. It’s a fair criticism though, I know I and a few others have had some plaza frame drops this patch. Though it isn’t something to write off an entire game for considering optimization is a thing, and this can most likely be improved.

Reporting problems and looking for solutions is usually better than giving up on a game entirely.


The extra step to point out their negative review as well. Excessively harsh.

I don’t know anyone with lag issues and it sucks anyone has them. Legit. But it’s almost like this game is… what’s the phrase I’m looking for… oh yeah… early access. Bugs like this being as rare as they are is actually impressive imo


You didn’t need to announce it to anyone on here
But since you did you want to bring it to everyone’s attention so here is what I will say
“K then, u wrong, it’s ok”


you forgot the “nuff said”

I have very minimal lag, though I use a gaming laptop. I haven’t seen a lot of lag from others though. If a lobby or condo has a lot of people I might get a few lag spikes, but it calms down after maybe 10 minutes.


Give more context to your posts, the title was longer than your actual message. Making people search for a review to even be able to comment on this thread is pretty dumb, linking it would have been the least you could of done. You could of mentioned the reason you changed the review and started a conversation from there. That being said, I don’t suffer from much lag myself, a few frame drops but nothing to ruin game play. An early access game isn’t going to be amazingly optimized, every pc is different and can run into different problems. There are ways to make tu run smoother on computers having trouble running it, I have seen a few steam guides you can try following if you haven’t already. If you have it would be more helpful to list what you have tried, so people aren’t giving you the same advice and then be able to give you something else you can try.


Have you seen the theater and trivia lately? Seems like they’ve become incredibly unstable with framerate drops lately (or at least since 0.8,) and this is before and after a significant system upgrade on my end.

I played trivia yesterday and had no issues :thinking:


I used to have framerate issues with media players ages ago, I’m pretty sure there’s an in-game setting that helps, can’t remember off the top of my head…
edit Media Dynamic Lights - pretty sure disabling that helped me out.

Also not seeing issues with trivia.

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Neither having Media Dynamic Lights enabled or disabled improved performance. It’s not like I’m having a problem with media players anyway, especially with the Underwater condo running smoothly with one on.

So after one update you change the review to bad? You didn’t even wait for a hotfix? This is a whole new level of pathetic… Also great job reporting your issue first or at least trying to fix it.

nuff said

edit: this isnt youtube you don’t need to clickbait your title for views

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Whilst my performance is poor I believe it’s mostly my own PC’s fault more than the Game itself, though my Plaza performance is worse than condos and gameworlds usually, Though that makes sense.

I do think there’s a lot of negative points in the game. But I don’t think your review fairly covers that stuff. It’s just a bit rude really.

Although I will admit some areas are badly optimized in this game, I don’t think it’s worth leaving a negative review just for that.
You could wait this out for the devs to work on a dedicated patch on performance issues, or just get a new gpu.

Also good job on announcing on a forum of people who love the game that you hate it now. kudos…


i see you havent taken my advice on downloading optifine

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in a nutshell: game bad cuz lag

ok cool, but whats the point posting it here when you said you’ve already posted a review on steam…?

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In fairness it would be more likely to get to the devs here than on steam.

“devs I lagged please help.” Looks like they have a lot to work off of and constructive criticism to consider

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