How will Gmt data transferred to Tu?

@Macdguy said that there will be some way to transfer data from Gmt to Tu. What will be transferred ( Gmc to units, same furniture, etc. ) and how?

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Good question! I need to make a graphic to properly explain it, but…

When you boot up Tower Unite and you have an existing GMod Tower account, it will prompt you with a conversion window.

From there the converter will match items, awards, etc. that exist in Tower Unite. If an item or award does not exist in Tower Unite, it will credit you the full GMC worth of it, but in Units (the new currency).

As for your GMC, it will transfer into Units. There may be a transaction adjustment, similar to different currencies in real countries, to appropriately scale the value for Tower Unite’s new economy.

The converter will only require user confirmation. It will neatly and graphically show every conversion made.

The conversion will only occur once per account.


Cool, I like how it works. Cant wait to see how much Units ill turn out with (maybe I can know early if I use some math). While on the topic of Units, I have a question. I have been a VIP for a while, and Im sure over 100 hours. You said any VIP who played 100 hours will start out with 5,000 Units. If I pick to “transfer my data” will my 5,000 Units be add to the total, or do I have to pick not to transfer my data? Just curious. :slight_smile:

It will transfer and then show another prompt awarding you for being an existing VIP. So yes, you will get both.

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I thought either VIPs OR players who played over 100 hours get 5k starter units?

And also, does a GMC -> Units conversion scale already exist? Maybe 10 GMC = 1 unit or even 50 GMC = 1 Unit? I don’t know, just thinking.

Yeah, that’s the case.

It does not, sadly. It’ll take sometime to figure it all out as we don’t have many items in Tower Unite yet.

I wouldn’t find it possible to convert the milestones in an actual way.

Also, what about the Starfox trophy? It is copyright violating and such, and can’t really see into what it could be converted, as it doesn’t have a price in GMC, also - it’s rare.

Good to know! I don’t know why, but I thought that our progress in GMT couldn’t be transferred to our TU account. Maybe I missed a Kickstarter update…

Anyway, it’s great that we won’t lose everything we made and earned

Everything will have a worth to it. We know what items are rare and will put a worth on them that makes sense. Milestones included. Also there is a chance some of the milestones will make a return.

Can some of the milestones be reused… but look a little diffrent? For example, if you own the Pigmask model, you’ll have 2 options: To sell it, or to get the new ‘Knight’ model. If you choose the 2nd option, you will also earn the same milestone for Tu. Is this possible?

Sounds like an awesome system Mac. You’ve put my worries at ease.

Will the UCH Milestone items be transferred to their Tiny Knights equivalent, or will we need to work for it again?

I’m really not a big fan of the conversion thing, I was never too rich in GMT and eventually invested all my money into my condo because I didn’t expect there to be a conversion system. I wanted TU to be a fresh start to players who weren’t that rich on GMT, not a way for people with millions to keep their millions.

The items you bought for your condo are converted as well.
Either way, there will be a lot of new people that Unite will attract who will have the freshest start of them all.

Right, people with 0 units will have to deal with those people who brag about their 5 million units. This already exists in GMT, it sucks its going to happen to TU now as well.

Also I didn’t just buy condo stuff, I was just generally reckless with my money because I thought it was gonna disappear anyways

I agree. Although it would be unfair to not convert the items and money people have atm either way

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Why would that be unfair

What exactly does that mean?
If you just bought a bunch of player models and random toys, those will also be converted to units.
Unless you traded all your GMC to some random player, you shouldn’t have any worries.

People will brag about wealth in a virtual video game either way. There are those people who play GMT and the like for 10 hours a day at least. They will have plenty of wealth within a short time span so that they can brag about wasting hours on a video game.

I went to the casino and spun the wheel and played card games and stuff