How to snapshots and reusing objects work?


My question is how snapshots work exactly with items. If I go to a snapshot where I’m no longer using an item, what happens to that item? If it’s returned to my inventory, what happens if I use it in another condo, and then revert the original condo back to the snapshot where I was using it?


Your items are all in your Steam inventory, and your condo is just a layout of those items. If you delete the file you’re just deleting the current layout but lose no items. You can have as many layouts as you want but each one can only house the maximum number you have in your inventory.
To be clearer, if you have 50 potatoes in your inventory, you can place 50 potatoes down into every “save”, but no more.

In your files you have a current active condodata file, that’s the current layout of your condo. When you save a snapshot it’s just making a folder and saving a copy, when you continue editing you’re only ever editing the main condodata file. If you build things then load a new snapshot without saving, you’ll lose what you built. It doesn’t work like typical saving/loading of regular software and gamesaves, which I personally wish it did, I think that covers everything.


Thanks for all the info, but that doesn’t really answer my question. That or I misunderstood your reply. Let me explain in another way.

So I place a potato in condo A, and save a snapshot called snapshotA1
Then I stash the potato, and save a new snapshot called snapshotA2
Then I go to condo B, and place the potato.
Then I come back to condo A, and load snapshotA1 (which had the potato placed in it)

What happens with the potato since it’s in the current configuration of condo B, and also in the currently loaded snapshot of condo A?


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I would but I’m not on my computer at home that has TU on it. Figured I’d see if anyone knows in the meantime.


Your potato isn’t actually going anywhere, it’s always sitting in your Steam inventory. The snapshotA1 is just a text file describing the layout it needs to load, like a singleplayer gamesave, the potato isn’t actually in there.

The save file is basically just saying “Place potato at xyz coordinates” etc. When you load it, it will check if there’s at least 1 potato in your inventory and if so, allow it to be placed. If there’s 5 potatoes placed and you sold one then tried to load it, it will place 4 then not be able to place another. Stashing just removes the “place item” part from the file, in simplified terms.

A snapshot is just like a manual gamesave stored locally on your PC or on the Steam Cloud, it’s the best I can describe it.


I think I understand now. So does that mean if I have 1 tv, and I place it in condo A, I can also place it in condo B since I’m only loading one of the configurations for the condo at a time?


Yep that’s right :slight_smile:


Oh, nice. So as long as I don’t sell things, I’ll be alright. Yeah, then I might get on making a themed condo. I remember seeing a reset condo option, if I use that, does it delete my snapshots?


Resetting will remove your current layout basically picking every item up again, it doesn’t affect your saved snapshots. Make sure to always save what you currently have before resetting.


Alright, thanks. I had one other question, but I can’t remember it now. If I remember I’ll reply to this thread again.