How does Casino/Theater/Plaza/Condo EXP work?

I understand that they’re on a timer, something like every 12 minutes gives you 2,500 EXP, or 5,000 EXP for theater, my question is, If the EXP is actually given out every 12 minutes and I’m in the Casino for 11 minutes not idle and I leave the Casino, If I come back and stay for 1 minute would I get the EXP or does it reset back to 12 minutes the moment I leave?

I’ve been going between the Casino and the Treasure from the Sea event and I feel like the EXP timer is reset every time I leave.

According to macdguy in a previous thread the exp timer shouldn’t reset whenever you leave a certain area where you need to spend time to earn exp, so if you leave when there’s 30 seconds left before you gain more exp it should still give you said exp after 30 seconds when you have returned to the area.