Does xp progress pause?

Was just wondering how xp specifically works in the plaza that have a timer.

lets say I am earning xp for theater and was wondering what happens if a minigame starts to happen and I want to go play that. Does it pause the time of which I should get my next xp drop until I come back to the theater? Or does it reset after I leave the theater (or server)

(Example: I have spent 5 minutes in the theater. A popup on my hud says there is a minigame for fruit frenzy, I decide to play the minigame and leave the theater. After I’ve completed the minigame, I decide to go back into the theater. Will my timer for xp resume at 5 minutes, or will the timer be set back to 0 minutes?)

And if it does pause, does it continue to stay paused if I decide to go and play a gameworld like zm, or does it reset cause I left the plaza server?

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P.S. also on a random side note unrelated to this topic, does pixeltail care if I just watch yt videos on my monitor and just continously move around to get xp for theater on my other monitor? I know they probably don’t but I really don’t like how you have to keep moving/looking around to continue to earn xp for theater. I’d watch normally if I didnt have to change posistions every minute from the video Im trying to watch, or spin the camera constantly so I dont get hit with that afk effect. Which tbh it just distracts me from the video WAY too much. (which sucks for a 33 hour grind to max xp) Which I know is very counter intuitive for what the theater is actually made for, and I really want to do it legit and use the theater they put time and effort into making, but I cant enjoy it the way it is if I’m trying to get so much xp.


You just have to be in Theatre. Also this is an issue which has been brought up on the forums a lot, for the time being I’ve stuck to sitting in a seat and pressing a button like B or something, a button which doesn’t do anything. I’ve found this is the easiest way to concentrate on the videos without going AFK.

In terms of the other issue, I wouldn’t know, but I’d like an answer for it as well.

Time between EXP progress shouldn’t pause.