How are you supposed to get 300+ in Meteorite Mania?

I can’t really wrap my head around it. Is there some way to get an extra meteor or something? It doesn’t even seem mathematically possible to get the scores some people are getting, so there’s something I’m missing about the rules of the game and I can’t figure it out :dizzy_face:

Mac reduced the amount of asteroids you start with but forgot that it would affect the achievement. Should be fixed in the next hotfix!


It’s 3 years later and this is still insanely difficult to get. Trying to find a guide for it, directed me to this old forum post.

It’s about RNG with the bonuses. Try to get a bonus with all three balls, then hope that you bonus is above 30. Also try to get the ball into one of the 20 slots so that way you get at least 30 points each time. I went ahead and played 250 tokens worth of games and got to about 280 at my highest, so it’s definitely possible with the right RNG.

Absolutely brutal. I’ve spent many hours and untold amounts of tokens trying to get this. And still don’t have it. The problem is that you really need the spinner to be absolutely perfect RNG. I think this game needs a rework.