House with VIP Room and goodies

Wanted to make this VIP Room work together and I think I turned to be all right, I’m open on any suggestions on how to make it a little more dynamic or eye-candy or whatever. Anything is acceptable :heart:

VIP Room

Basement Bar



Dining Room



Anyways, I wanted to show this work that i’ve been doing for some days now, It’s still WIP, I’m planning on getting a Music club on the Long Room and also filling the top floor bedroom with something, Already used the first one for my bedroom, there’s an actual bedroom on the 2nd floor that I didn’t use but I have no idea on what to fill it with, any ideas, suggestions, anything will be accepted.

Thanks a lot! :blush:


Also shoutout to @bromhamsam for the CatSack Poker Painting, It’s a really amazing work and I think it deserves a lot of respect :smiley:


Didn’t take very long for you to add the VIP room, looks great :slight_smile:

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gotta love that in nearly every condo with a bar has obama as the barkeep


Finally, the house gets some justice! :smile:
Some say it’s too claustrophobic, but this proves that it can be a cozy living space.


looks real good! I’m pretty new, so I gotta ask, where do you get the pool table, and how much is it?

Pretty sure the pool table here is custom built, though the devs do intend to add playable billiards at some point.

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Well shoot. I guess I better get to figuring it out, because I want one in my condo lol

I’m sure there’s probably a pool table model on the workshop by now, so that’d be pretty easy to do :slight_smile:

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I keep forgetting workshop items are a thing lmao. Happens when you’re brand new to the game. Do you know of another thread somewhere on the forums that shows exactly how to use workshop items? I don’t want to derail this thread.

The 0.6 update patch notes have all the info you need, so here ya go: The Workshop Update (

Good call on not derailing the thread, this’ll be my last post for now :slight_smile:

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