House Freezes - Unsure why?

Not sure if this is the right place, but anyone know why when my friend joins my House, a minute in i freeze for them and they cant open doors etc? Even ifi change the time of day its frozen for him? Sadly only appears to be in my house and was working fine :frowning:

Anyone able to help? My friend for some reason when joining my House, nothing loads at all, everything is glitched and apparently i freeze etc?

[ 2:31 PM ]

Not sure what to do haha, its fine for everything else, just my House

[ 2:32 PM ]

Tried doing the Support thing on the forum without avail, and im not sure why its happening, connections are fine, there are canvas/workshop items but we have been joining ones with way more without complications, so id assume its a issue with the game and my house, but ive put a lot of effort into it and just really want to be able to play again

Another odd thing to add, once they join, the orange afk bubble appears on him instantly, and i freeze but apparently jump around every minute or so (im not actually stood there), for refenence, i CAN see him moving perfectly fine, but he cannot see me moving fine.

Still glitched/bugged out :confused: