Hot Fix

This update addresses several issues that were recently reported.


  • Added Arcade EXP badge to the Plaza scoreboard
  • The Toy Stop and Songbirds (toy store and music store) now have themed item previews when shopping for items
  • Disabled first person legs while playing arcade games
  • Improved vehicle physics for Motor Scooter and RC cars (driving based ones)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Game Port hosting issues with Zombie Massacre and Ball Race
  • Arcade: Added various GPU optimizations to the arcade
  • Arcade: Fixed the texture on Wheely Rigged having the incorrect number of tokens
  • Arcade: Fixed Salmon Says kicking you off wrongly
  • Arcade: Fixed Pluck-a-pal being empty sometimes
  • Arcade: Fixed Ice Cave hit registration issues when throwing multiple balls
  • More LODs for furniture items
  • Fixed event teleporters not networking properly sometimes and causing desyncs which would cause players to fall into them and be teleported to the minigame area
  • Fixed issues with Turret milestone
  • Fixed Stealthbox showing up twice in first person
  • Fixed RC dragon animation speeds being too slow, causing it to look like it’s sliding all over the place.
  • Fixed RC dragon bug when roaring and leaving the RC dragon, causing a soft lock
  • Fixed Copy Cat tool copying scale of 0 when copying from surfaces to items
  • Fixed Skull Mask, Fishbowl Hat, and Umbrella Hat offsets
  • Fixed up Boomerang view model
  • Fixed laser projector beams being flickery and made the beam opacity not affect the projected dots
  • Fixed the front of the tower in the Plaza having a glowing circle of light on it
  • Fixed door items not scaling properly
  • Fixed plushy items not all being colorable
  • Fixed store pedestals not automatically rotating
  • Fixed toilet item not flushing
  • Fixed globe item rotating off its axis
  • Fixed button item replication issues
  • Fixed computer item not being colorable properly
  • Fixed a server crash
  • Fixed several exploits

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Now everyone can know that I’m arcade no-lifer.


Thanks for Hot Fix. :white_heart:


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