Hot Fix

This update addresses several issues that were recently reported.


  • Achievements now show when you unlocked them
  • To avoid confusion, all available upgrade items now display in the upgrade list. If you do not own an upgrade, it’ll display as “not unlocked”. Upgrades that are currently not available will display as “no upgrades available of this type at this time”
  • Location now updates properly for Ball Race Orb milestone, Minigolf milestone RC cars, and vehicles
  • New wood material for condo furniture now has a much wider range of color availability
  • Ball Race: Started rework of moving platforms to help with clients desyncing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash in menu
  • Fixed pluck-a-pal plushy stat displaying internal name on collection book
  • Fixed typo in Arcade milestones
  • Finished Arcade milestone icons
  • Fixed location on HUD displaying after ragdolling/dying
  • Fixed additional incorrect hat offsets
  • Fixed additional underwater condo water issues
  • Admin player name tag no longer overrides backer tag (separated the two tags)
  • Arcade: Fixed a known exploit
  • Arcade: Fixed Lonely Gun ammo issues (ammo was being reset every round, which broke Total Efficiency achievement)
  • Fixed Stealth Box dequip not removing hidden state
  • Fixed Midway Mania achievement description being the wrong value
  • Fixed issues with Cat Protector achievement
  • Fixed smooth rotation not always occurring on local client
  • Fixed first person legs not appearing (even if setting was on)
  • Fixed the colors not being properly editable on the Dining Table, Coffee Table, Office Table Short, Office Table, Office Table Long, OfficeShelfWithDoor, Modern Entertainment Cabinet, LongModernCoffeeTable, Large Fluorescent Table
  • Fixed the color editable being maladjusted for the Computer Desk, Small Walnut Table, Room Table, Office Shelf, Short Table, Modern Reception Desk, Wood Glass Table, Victorian Table, waiting room chair, and Wooden Stool
  • Fixed the TV Stand item having the wrong wood texture applied to it
  • Adjusted Dizzy jackpot increase rate

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