Hot Fix

This update addresses several issues that were recently reported.


  • Updated map icon and loading background images for Waterhole
  • Adjusted water and sky brightness in Waterhole to be less dark
  • Added “playing” category to player list so you can easily find people who are playing games
  • Added quick voice mute button next to player names in scoreboards
  • Bowling: When getting a gutter ball, the roll turn ends much quicker now
  • Added an option to show inventory name titles below item icons

Bug Fixes

  • Crash fix: Fixed Turret milestone causing crashes
  • Crash fix: When viewing player workshop model information from scoreboard
  • Additional crash fixes
  • Virus: Fixed subway lighting being broken
  • Minigolf - Island: Fixed Island Completed achievement not registering
  • Fixed some issues with swimming
  • Fixed shamrock Glasses being offset in Minigolf
  • Fixed pets being visible in first person
  • Fixed “killed player” UI element in Chainsaw Battle not displaying the player who was killed
  • Fixed Minigolf - Island not having an “introduced in” label
  • Fixed some map select icons displaying blurry
  • Fixed workshop editor not loading your own uploads
  • Improved workshop items that use translucency
  • Fixed shift+1 and shift+2 not selecting hot bar items 1 and 2
  • Fixed Plaza scoreboard not sorting players by their name
  • Fixed The Stray not having animation
  • Fixed Typing Derby not giving units properly
  • Fixed condo permission for allowing edibles not working properly
  • Fixed condo permission for allowing laser pointer not working properly
  • Fixed condo permission for allowing potions not working properly
  • Fixed jetpack/wing items showing up in “Other” hotbar category
  • Fixed walking animations being too slow
  • Fixed workshop animation bug with speed shoes and crouching not ending properly
  • Fixed hot bar item inventory not displaying every item if you have a lot of items
  • Fixed Minigolf - Island: Hole 14 having a weird OOB collision issue
  • Fixed dolphin jumping out of water being really laggy
  • Fixed morph items (including dolphin) being wrongly scaled by potions, causing issues with their movement
  • Fixed an issue with slot machines being stuck
  • Fixed bowling customize NPC not having dialogue due to engine migration
  • Fixed kick/ban prompts in condo drawing under the player profile UI

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Thank you!!

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Thanks for fixing the translucency on Workshop items :grin: but there is also issues with workshop model NPC’s that use translucency that are still there in I’m using a model of a Metroid as an npc in my condo right now that still cannot be seen through (and was possible to prior to

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