Hot Fix

This update addresses several issues that were recently reported.


  • Dragging items out of the hot bar is now more intuitive
  • Added an All category for hot bar
  • Fishing: Increased EXP earn rate for Fishing
  • Fishing minigame: Fish difficulty text now colors the difficulty text to make it easier to tell from a glance
  • Fishing minigame: Reduced screen shake when line stress is high
  • Fishing minigame: Added a fish icon to make it easier for new players to know what to do
  • Fishing minigame: Colored the fish catch ring by the difficulty of the fish
  • Fishing catch log now sorts by the most recently caught fish
  • Added a setting to make the Fishing minigame opaque
  • Moved All items and New items buttons to the top of the store UI

Bug Fixes

  • Minigolf: Fixed tube splines not always disconnecting the ball from the tubes
  • Fixed a soft lock during Fishing if you have the chat box open when about to get a fish
  • Fixed a bug where Fishing music would continue to loop if you dequip during the minigame
  • Fixed underwater sounds sometimes staying on
  • Fixed fishing playtime not being tracked
  • Fixed being able to cast into rocks
  • Fixed Bunny Ears not showing up
  • Fixed Plasma Autorifle not showing up in the hot bar
  • Fixed Throwable Drink not showing up in the hot bar
  • Fixed Quarter and Magic Trampoline not having an version added set
  • Fixed the Suite aquarium
  • Fixed the Resort aquarium
  • Fixed the Fish Bowl not keeping fish in
  • Fixed Fish Bowl placement issues
  • Fixed Ball Race orb sounds
  • Fixed The Stray logo not displaying properly
  • Fixed catch log positioning for lower screen resolutions
  • Fixed RC plane invert settings not applying if you are already in a plane
  • Fixed monster potion not dequipping properly

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were rare fish prices not increased? I could’ve sworn I saw this listed somewhere

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