Hot Fix


This update addresses several issues that were recently reported.


  • Ball Race: Event Horizon - Changed some death walls to not punish shortcutters as much (Mostly in Levels 1,3,11)
  • Ball Race: Event Horizon - Changed an accidental WAY too good shortcut on Level 12, it will still be possible, but much more difficult
  • Plaza: Detail pass for Rob’s Imports

Bug Fixes

  • Ball Race: Event Horizon - Fixed Death walls overlapping platforms on Level 14
  • Ball Race: Event Horizon - Reduced chance of flying through the finish line without actually finishing on Level 13
  • Minigolf: Alpine - Fixed hole 18 missing ice material
  • ZM: Fixed a bug where the camera wouldn’t always switch off the upgrades camera during a boss battle
  • Fixed teleporters not teleporting RC vehicles or orbs properly sometimes
  • Fixed Dampe achievement issues
  • Fixed achievement: Laser Tag Master
  • Fixed minigames not loading teleport arenas (snowball battle fix)
  • Fixed RC dragon inventory collision issues
  • Fixed RC helicopter player name position
  • Fixed RC plane controls being inverted (also added plane sound effects)
  • Fixed RC plane turning issues when turning and going down at the same time
  • Fixed RC vehicles bleeding
  • Fixed ferris wheel carriages popping off sometimes
  • Optimized teleporter items
  • Optimized RC dragon, RC orb, and orb milestones
  • Fixed an exploit with minigames

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Weekly Dev Log for April 12th, 2019
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