Hot Fix

This update addresses several issues that were reported. All unit transactions have been moved to the new backend which should make everything a lot more stable now.

New Payout System

We’ve reworked the payout system to use the new backend, ensuring you’ll be getting payouts for all games properly from now on.

This change also should see faster connections to the new backend.

New Store Buy and Sell System

With this change we also reduced store transaction errors and made the store transactions better by using the new backend.

You can also sell multiple of an item thanks to this new backend from your inventory directly in the game. A feature many of you have requested for a long time now!


  • New payout system
  • New store buy and sell system
  • Added the ability to sell up to 10 of an item at a time
  • Optimized start up load time
  • Updated client system to handle backend downtime better (queuing up achievements and exp so you’ll never lose track of them when the backend goes down)
  • Ball Race: Added golden melon HUD element so you can better track which ones you’ve gotten
  • Updated Housewarming achievement description to be more descriptive
  • Updated Human Blur achievement description to be more descriptive
  • Updated “I Can See My House From Here” achievement description
  • Added RC controller icon for remote controller items (such as RC orb) to avoid icon confusion
  • Added display types for achievements that have seconds or meters
  • Increased EXP earn rate for Typing Derby and Trivia
  • Added ability to jump with RC orb milestone
  • Added new effects for Gold and Diamond jetpacks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed lag related to displaying server lists
  • Fixed first person legs breaking when holding a weapon
  • Fixed Minigolf par achievements (like actually this time)
  • Fixed achievement: Around The World
  • Fixed achievement: Socialite
  • Fixed achievement: It’s a Party
  • Fixed achievement: Get Together
  • Fixed achievement: Movie Night
  • Fixed achievement: Count of Amphitheatre
  • Fixed achievement: Amphitheatre Beast
  • Fixed achievement: Long Putt
  • Fixed achievement: Long Drive
  • Fixed achievement: Trivia Brainiac
  • Fixed achievement: Long Shot
  • Fixed achievement: Fields of Green
  • Fixed achievement: Weird Science
  • Fixed achievement: Homerun
  • Fixed achievement: Ribs Grow Back You Know
  • Fixed achievement: Wheel of Nothing
  • Fixed achievement: Drop And Roll
  • Fixed achievement: Kingpin
  • Fixed achievement: Smarty Pants being the incorrect amount
  • Fixed achievement: Trivia Show Off
  • Fixed being able to sell Sonic Shotgun milestone
  • Fixed TNT milestone issues
  • Fixed Ball Race orb milestone jump not working in Plaza
  • Fixed Galaxy Orb textures missing when broken
  • Fixed Galaxy Orb missing icon on Steam
  • Fixed laser tag symbol milestone taking input away from reload
  • Fixed Zombie Massacre trophies missing collision
  • Fixed Plasma Autorifle milestone ammo issues
  • Fixed Typing Derby HUD “ending typing derby” element colliding with EXP HUD element
  • Fixed Bowling Ball Rack duplicating itself when moving it

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


let me uhhh
test this new improved back end to see if i can uhhhh
get 100 pianos at once for no reason


This is a very hot fix!

when is this released?

It’s out now.

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im assuming i need to restart my game?

yes steam needs to update the game

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This is the most hype I’ve ever been for a hotfix.

Thank you so much for this hot fix! :+1: :smiley:

Does this mean that if we complete the task required for an achievement when the backend was down, we will still unlock it after it is back up? Same for exp too?



This has to have been the hottest hotfix I’ve seen. Great job guys!

just don’t buy dozens of thousands of spoons

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im sorry, you should have warned me sooner, its too late, i have brought all the spoons i could even need


what have you done the univERSE IS cOLAPSING


This was the first thing I did when I installed the game.

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