Hot Fix

This update addresses several issues that were reported. This update was primarily to prepare for the achievement update as it has several backend changes.

Vote Kick

You can now vote kick players out of Game World servers. Vote kick requires a 2/3 majority to confirm the kick. You can start a vote kick by clicking on a player’s name in the scoreboard and clicking on Request Vote Kick. After that, other players can vote yes or no with F1 and F2 keys.


  • Snow has melted in the Plaza
  • Added the ability to vote kick in Game Worlds
  • You can now see the name of the player who is hosting a game server from the server browser
  • Condo chat now defaults to local chat
  • You can now toggle which global chat Plaza regions you’d like to see (default all on)
  • Reworked official server list so we can easily add/remove official servers without needing to push out an update
  • Updated Minigolf customize UI, now more widescreen than tall
  • You can now use the appearance editor in games, but it disables all the tabs except for the upgrades tab
  • Added current players / max players to the active server information UI (shows player count on waiting for players and scoreboards)
  • Reworked Game World voice system to always work regardless of game states (fixes waiting for players or post game voice not working)
  • Reversed wording for disable chat filter and disable chat
  • Appearance editor was updated to show more upgrades for each game, in preparation for the upgrades update
  • You can now zoom with the crossbow in the Balloon Shoot minigame
  • Typing Derby: Pressing space on a incomplete word will no longer wipe all word progress.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed not being able to right click on items that are in your hot bar
  • Fixed active server information not actually being accurate (server title should always display now)
  • Fixed change log buttons for hotfixes not disabling when switching between each
  • Virus: Fixed an exploit
  • Virus: Fixed not being able to respawn if you died by your own TNT
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed bug with chat not opening if you had it bound to T
  • ZM: Fixed helicopter damage particles

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You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


Update 7.0.0 coming next?



ZM: Fixed helicopter damage particles


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time to votekick the host guys lets shut down all the servers

I bet the update is gonna be the best update so far


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