Hot Fix


This hotfix addresses several issues with

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes with workshop player models with incorrect bones. Also added an error when importing player models with incorrect bones
  • Fixed canvas inventory drag ghosts not scaling properly
  • Resolved media player issues: ensured media player uses the built in CEF browser
  • Global Chat: Fixed player names sometimes displaying as “[unknown]”
  • Global Chat: Fixed some chat messages repeating twice
  • Workshop: Fixed an exploit with blocked items
  • Workshop: Fixed issue where blocking items would refresh all items that aren’t blocked (which could lead to infinite loading for those unblocked items)
  • Workshop: Blocked items no longer show their images
  • Workshop: Blocked items no longer show up in the browser
  • Workshop Editor: Adjusted lighting in the workshop editor. Disabled hidden shadow on the editor character (shadow of the player)
  • Workshop Editor: Fixed an application/windows hang when importing while in fullscreen by adding a message explaining you can’t use this while in full screen
  • Workshop Browser: Fixed page “next” button being on the far left instead of the right
  • Fixed Canvas Pyramid not showing up


  • Workshop Browser: Added “Subscribed” tab
  • Workshop Browser: Added page number text

We are still working on more bug fixes and will have coming out next.

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Weekly Dev Log for October 1st, 2018

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